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Wind, Monopoly, and Missionaries

These past few days eastern Idaho has struggled to warm up. On Friday I sat in the car for my son’s soccer game because it was so windy and cold. The sun’s rays were weak and didn’t do enough to help. Eventually everyone but Alex and Gideon were in the van waiting out of the wind for the game to end. The game ended in a tie.

We then headed to Costco. Three pizzas is what it took to feed all my hungry kids. It was how I got the older boys to come, Costco pizza. We had fun together and I’m glad the older boys came.

Saturday morning I tried to sleep in but there was a wind storm predicted and I wanted to be home during it rather than driving around. We’d had a bad wind storm two days prior to that and it had done quite a bit of damage.

Lauren needed some underwear and I needed to pick up some Sunday clothes for the boys along with a few other things so she and I went to Walmart fairly early. They are remodeling our Walmart and unfortunately they are moving things all around- again. They rearranged stuff a couple years ago and I was finally getting the hang of it. Now I’ve got to start over. They changed it all over to self checkout as well. I’m not really a fan but there isn’t much I can do about it. Lauren loved scanning the items and bagging them. I was happy to let her.

After we got home, Alex and I went to a baptism of a girl in our area. It was a beautiful experience and we are happy for her. They had a luncheon afterwards and we visited with some friends we hadn’t seen for years and met some new people. The good was good, too. Authentic Latin food is really good (we attend church with Spanish speakers, because Alex is one, and the food is always a good benefit).

Afterwards we then hurried to pick up the girls to got to a birthday party. The girls had a grand time and I am glad. When we went to pick them up I sat in the car waiting while the wind and errant leaves swirled all around me. It was so windy. The sky and air was a muddy brown color from all the dust. There is two times a year we get bad dust storms- spring and fall, right before planting and right after harvest.

Oh yeah, while the girls were at the party the wind was blowing and Alex and I heard a loud boom and the power went out. We had the boys with us and I told them we were playing Monopoly. No phones, no electronics. Alex and I played with them until we had to go get the girls. When we came back they were still playing. Eventually we had to pull out the flashlight and they kept playing. Not counting all the interruptions, they played for over three hours. The power turned back on at 8:30 and they wanted to keep going but we made them end it. I love to watch them play together. They said they want to play Monopoly every time the power goes out. It goes out pretty often around here so they will have the opportunity.

This weekend was also a missionary weekend. We have two sets of missionaries in our area- a set of Sisters and a set of Elders (young women and men who serve and teach the gospel for a time). We had an appointment set with the Sisters for Saturday evening but when the time came the Elders were on our doorstep. Alex and I were quite confused. I knew I’d communicated with the Sisters. A minute later there was a knock on the door. It was the Sisters. We laughed. Apparently the Elders had communicated with Alex and they hadn’t actually made a concrete appointment. They made one for the next day and this time there was no confusion. I made a point to tell them to text me because I am the secretary of the family. If they tell Alex it might be remembered, it might not. More often not.

When the Sisters were at our house I told a story from when I was on a mission and later at dinner Michael said that he forgot I’d even gone on a mission. Thanks, Michael. The kids hadn’t heard many of my stories. I felt bad about that. I started to tell a story buy they were done eating and just all left. I had some fun times and some good stories to tell. When I was on my mission I’d planned to write a book about all my experiences. I might get to it eventually. I’m a complete goofball- though people rarely see that side of me- and I have a quite a few funny stories I need to tell my kids.

The weekend was a good one and I’m excited to go into the new week. We have seven weeks left of school and then we are free for the summer. I’ve got plans to get my life together, Alexis studying to be a teacher, and we have a soccer game to go to. I am also babysitting my friend’s kids for the week. It will be busy but good. If it would just warm up.

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Winter’s Last Gasp- Hopefully

Winter won’t let go.

My view this morning. Makes for a great Spring Break. The bikes all covered in three inches of snow and it was still coming down. I laughed as all the kids got a look at it. Benjamin folded in half, hanging his arms down, “It’s winter 2!” He cried in despair. It was all melted a few hours later.

I went to the kitchen and there were rolls leftover from Sunday’s Easter dinner. Bread pudding for breakfast? Sure, why not. Oh, I’m sorry, French toast bake. Yeah, it’s bread pudding. I substituted half the brown sugar for maple syrup. Yum!

My chore for the day of basement cleaning went well. I got the food storage moved out of the living space thanks to my big boys’ help. I started to clean up and decided to fix the couch. The springs were messed up and so I screwed them back in and hope they stay attached. I got them wired up, felt covered and fabric stapled. Hopefully that keeps us from falling into the couch from here on out. I would love to get new couches for the basement but we’ll wait until these ones we have are unfixable. It will probably be sooner than later but I bought us a little time.

Yes the wire is wonky but it worked. The time I did it right it got messed up.

I also had the boys bring down the extra table to use in the computer area and for the video games. All of our entertainment and computer stuff is out in the open so everyone can see what everyone is doing. It works great most of the time we just can’t have volume on more than one thing and the TV wins every time.

After dinner I ran the kids to their various church activities then sat down for the night to be told a story by the TV and to be buried in children. The other day as they rolled around on me I was reminded of the hot dog cooker at the gas station. That’s what I feel like as the kids roll all over me. They hold still for Alex and even fall asleep. Not me. With me they fidget. Constantly.

Then I was reminded of why I don’t sit on the brown couch I fixed- it kills my back. Like, I feel like my back is out and I can’t walk. I’ll live but I won’t sit on that couch again. It can be the kids couch.

We finally got the kids in bed. Spring break is over. Eight more weeks of school left until summer and then I can finally sleep in.

Yeah, right.

But at least the morning whining about going to school will stop.

Daily Life

Regular Day

I wish I could sleep in. I gave it a good try this morning but Alex thwarted it. Three times. I guess misery loves company.

Yesterday I cleaned all day. I did laundry all day. Vacuumed and self and mopped all day. It looks like it so thats always a plus. I was three loads shy of getting all the laundry washed and sorted. I made sure that I sorted and/or put away everything I washed. And to my credit I got all the Sunday clothes washed. It’s usually a Saturday night panic trying to find and clean it all. When I was hanging up the shirts I noticed that Noah’s was beyond repair. He’s four and messy and laundry stains aren’t my forte. In my defense, enchilada sauce is insanely hard to clean off white shirts. Or I’m just lazy and don’t care. I grabbed my phone and looked up white shirts and found some good prices ones on Amazon and got one for each of the boys. It will be nice to have more than one each. Our more work, we’ll see.

While I was cleaning the kids were all playing. I had them help out here and there. I had the girls help me clean their rooms and they enjoyed playing in a clean room. I worked on the upstairs all day with the plan to clean the basement today. It’s a cluttered disaster. I’m tempted to time lapse video the cleaning.

Last night after Alex got home we were tired. We took up residence on the couch and watched television the rest of the night. We watched the two episodes of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney +. We enjoyed it. I do like the Marvel movies.

Later we read scriptures and had prayer and tucked the kids in bed. Michael and Benjamin have this bet going every night now about what I’ll say when I come into the room. Benjamin is on a winning streak. I guess I am predictable. “You’re going to school tomorrow!” “I want this room cleaned tomorrow!” Weirdos. It’s fun though. I’ll have to be unpredictable tonight and beat them at their own game- if I can remember.

When I went to tuck the girls into bed I had to read several books to distract Evangeline. We have gotten her to fall asleep in her bed the past few nights but we are still at 50% keeping her there. It’s a start.

So every morning when Alex leaves for work in the morning the cats rush into the house. I don’t care for cats in the house because they can get into stuff but these cats are the best hunters and the neighbors (save one who thinks there isn’t a problem) like them because they catch mice. They’ve caught several a day this week that we know of. I’m sure there is more we don’t know about. So when they rush into the house in the morning to find a soft warm place to sleep all day, I let them.

Piper sleeping on my bed

It snowed last night, three inches, and I’m loathe to get up. It’s hard to find motivation sometimes when you know what awaits you- lots and lots of work. Maybe I’ll find something fun to do. Fine, I’ll leave this here and get up to start the day.

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Easter Weekend

It was a good weekend. Busy, but what else is to be expected.

Saturday morning we woke up and the hunt for eggs ensued. Not a very long hunt because the front room isn’t very big with ten people in it. Then Lauren hid the real eggs outside and the little kids ran around looking for those.

When we all had enough candy stocked up we went to the basement to watch General Conference. It was very good, uplifting, educational, the usual. All the kids stayed in the room and watched. The candy helped. At noon we quickly made “big sandwiches” for lunch and got in the van to go to Blackfoot, Idaho for Gideon’s soccer game.

The weather was perfect. We sat in the sun, nice and warm, snacking and cheering Gideon and all the other players on. Alex, who is very loud, can’t help but coach. He was coaching both teams from the sidelines. He loves the game. There is an opening for the high school boys soccer coach and I’m going to make him apply. I am sure the teams coaches don’t like Alex’s “help”, but it is what it is. He is good at it. The kids all cheered their brother on as well as ran around like the wild bunch of kids that they are.

When that was over, our team won, we got the kids pizza and they sat in the van in the mall parking lot while Alex and I ran in to get something. I saw myself in the dressing room mirror and I was shocked- shouldn’t have been- to see I was sunburned. Just enough. Good grief. I didn’t care though because the sun felt so good after the long winter.

We went home and finished watching conference and watched the stuff we’d missed while at the game.

He next morning, Easter, we all got up and ready I’m our Sunday clothes. Alex and I made waffles with strawberries and Whipped cream. So good! Then it was downstairs for another day of the General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was another wonderful day of talks about Easter and the Savior.

We had a ham dinner later that night then rushed to watch the premiere of Season 2 of The Chosen. Loved it!

Alex’s mom and sister stopped by after that. We hadn’t been on the family messenger for a long time and so we thought she’d gone to Guatemala the past Monday but apparently she hadn’t. That was a surprise. They had a good visit and then Alex drove them to his sister’s house where they were staying.

On another note, Alex and I have been talking. He has always wanted to be a teacher. He likes the hours (summers and holidays off) and he likes to teach. We finally decided to just go for it and get his teaching certificate. We didn’t know how we’d get in but on Saturday I checked the district website and there was an opening for a math teacher! Yay! We are hoping and praying that he gets it. Our kids said they would love to have him for their math teacher. So, prayers that he gets it would be appreciated. It would be nice for him to be able to walk to work (school with the kids) rather than have to drive and hour and a half everyday.

This week is shaping up to be another busy one. We will finish up spring break in two days and we’ve cleaned and done lots of laundry. The kids are having fun and I am taking advantage of the help. They kind of help. At least the laundry is getting done if nothing else.

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April Fools

One of my least favorite days of the year. I dislike pranks of any kind. Okay, not exactly true. Some are funny.

My niece told her mom with a sneaky tone to her voice, “It is April fool’s day, Mom.” To which my sister replied, “We’re going to Disneyland!” My niece got excited for a split second then said, “Oh, yeah. April Fool’s day.”

My grampa called my parents and said he was moving in with them today. Freaked them out. He’d lived with my parents before and it was a terrible experience. Traumatic even. His caregiver set him up to it. Not funny.

I texted Alex to prank him but erased it since those aren’t the kind of pranks I like to play. I am tempted to tell the kids we got a trampoline (they’ve wanted one for years) and have them be disappointed only for one to actually show up in the mail next week. That wouldn’t be too bad. I dislike being dishonest, but it would be made up for in the end.

I’ve been slowly wearing Alex down on the trampoline deal. He says we have no room for it. I measured. We do. Barely, but we do. I think I am close to getting one.

Last night we finished watching one of our favorite movies- The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I love that movie so much. We’d started it the night before but needed to go to bed. I love the scenery, the pace, the music, basically everything about that movie.

When it was time for bed I had discovered that the kids had one more day of Spring break than I originally thought. Yay! Perfect time to transition Evangeline out of my bed and out of my room. We moved her little bed, hugged her and tucked her in. Am I sad about it? Yes and no. Kids grow up and even though she won’t be in my room anymore, I will still see her. She won’t let me go anywhere without her. I tried to go on a bike ride twice yesterday and both times she ran out of the house crying and screaming into the middle of the street to chase me. Not safe. I have to sneak away to do anything which probably just adds to her anxiety.

I will say though that it was nice having no kids in my room.

For spring break we have a few things planned. First, it is Easter and General Conference is also this weekend for my church. Both exciting and fun things to look forward to. We are also going to get some cleaning done in the garage and move the chicks out there. I need the storage room back and the chick smell out of my house. We’ll see what else gets done this weekend.

We might get a lot done or not. We’ll wing it. Happy Easter to all of you. Enjoy your weekend.

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It’s Like Riding a Bike

I haven’t had a bike in about 20 years. Pretty close. Alex and I decided that we needed to get the bike situation all figured out because we are all old enough, minus the baby, to ride bikes. Family activity and all.

Alex saw some at Costco the other day so when I went I picked one up for myself. We brought it in the house that night and Alex assembled it for me. The kids were amazed and one of the little kids asked if I knew how to ride a bike. Um, yes, I do. They have never seen me. “Do you even remember how to ride a bike?”

Yes. It’s like riding a bike.

The next day I asked Noah if he wanted to go on a ride around the block. We got on our bike (and I could ride) and made it about thirty feet before Evangeline came running out of the house and into the road barefoot and sobbing because I had left her. I cut the ride short and turned around to take her in the house and hold her. Sorry Noah, we’ll ride later. It was too cold outside anyways

My parents came up from Utah and brought some stuff that they’d bought at better prices than I could find. Stuff like water barrels and bar stools from Ikea, and a birthday present for Lauren, as well as a few other things. They took back with them some stuff I had borrowed for my sister-in-law’s wedding. They also wanted to see my kitchen in person. It was a short visit but we talk on the phone and text all the time so long visits aren’t always necessary. We’ll go down to visit longer in a couple weeks.

After the parents left I assembled all the bar stools my parents picked up for me at Ikea. My parents bought four stools instead of the three I needed. I love the look of them but what to do with the fourth one? I put it in my living room to use as a plant stand and extra seating. I plan on getting a big fern to go on it but for now the miniature rose will have to do.

Earlier I took the little kids to story time at the library. I’d managed to get stuff done and got ready in time. Well, we were a bit late, but still it worked.

Fun little crafts

I checked out one book with the promise to the kids we’d go back on Friday for more. Honestly, I just didn’t want to wait for them to choose a book. I’ll let Alex do that with them on Friday. As we were walking out of the library I glanced at the shelf of books for sale and saw one that looked familiar.

I had just read this book online two weeks prior and loved it. I like these kinds anyways but for some reason I really liked this one. So I bought a like-new copy for 10 cents! Yay!

Years and years ago I was looking at the library rack and saw a book that caught my eye. I didn’t buy it and years later I realized it was a first edition of a book by an author I had later come to love, my favorite book by her actually, and I’m still kind if kicking myself for it. But I didn’t know so what can you do.

I have a hundred or so books on my kindle, all bought on sale, and I love having so many books in my pocket to read at any given moment. But I decided I need to add to my physical collection. Its like when the power goes out, the kids get bored and what do they do? Play the piano, read books, draw. I need more of my books in print so they can be enjoyed when the internet or power are out. And it’s just nice to have them. Plus, you can’t beat the smell of old books. Or new books. Books in general.

Now hopefully the weather warms up quickly so we can go ride bikes. In the meantime, we’ll read.


Teach a Child

The other day I was shocked. In a good way.

We were talking as a family before bed and I think we had read scriptures and were just talking before family prayer. Benjamin said he’d had a hard time sleeping because he didn’t feel well and so he said a prayer and then read the scriptures. I was flabbergasted. He is thirteen and puts on this tough front and it wasn’t something I would picture him doing. He pushes back on a lot of stuff but what do you know, he’s been paying attention.

The next night I was tucking the big boys in (just a hug and saying goodnight) and they said, “Last night we were reading the scriptures together. We started at the beginning again and it is so cool!” They then proceeded to tell me what they thought was cool.

As a mom, that is a high point. All those years of effort and to see fruit of your labor is validation that you’ve been doing something right. It was so nice. I’d cry but I’m still reeling from it.

When my oldest was just one year old the Spirit told me several times, very unmistakably, “Teach him to pray.” I took it seriously and did what I was told. It’s nice to see what comes of it. I taught the first one and we kept teaching every night. Every day. This is probably the only thing I have ever been consistent with; scriptures and prayer every single night. We started the habit when our oldest was just a baby.

We started as a challenge given by the prophet fifteen years ago to read the entire Book of Mormon before the end of the year. New Year’s fireworks were going off as we finished the last page, but we did it. And we haven’t stopped since. When we had little kids we would read just three verses a night. We gradually, over the years, read more and more verses and depending on the night we’ll read a verse or a chapter. We still have little kids and their attention span is still short but the habit is there whether they are paying attention or not.

So start small, make it a habit. “By small and simple things are great things brought to pass”.

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Busy Weekend with Family

It was a busy weekend and I am still tired from it.

Friday we went from thing to thing to thing. Saturday was Alex’s sister’s wedding. We were busy with the wedding all day. We got up early (for a Saturday) and no one was at the church to decorate. They’d changed the time for later but we didn’t get the memo. I wasn’t happy about that. We went home and got some stuff done then headed over to the church again. It was a wedding reception on a budget. Luckily enough of us had been there done that and had lot of decorations that we could use. It turned out pretty.

Alex and I went home after the decorating was all done and I finished the cake. Granted, it doesn’t look as professional as I’d like but I am just beginning and she didn’t have to buy a cake. It is chocolate (s’mores) but that’s what they wanted.

I didn’t get pictures of it at the wedding, just at home before we took it to the church. The toasted marshmallow frosting was amazing. I’ll be making that again.

The rest of the day was hurry up and wait. A lot of pictures and waiting on people to show up. The bride’s parents flew in that day and we were worried they wouldn’t make it on time. They got there 30 minutes before the wedding. Cutting it close. It was a miracle they even made it. A volcano went off in Guatemala just as they were about to take off. Good thing they made it.

The reception was fun. It was pretty and it was nice to visit with friends and family we haven’t seen for a while. Alex was the emcee, I guess, and he is pretty good at it. Makes everyone laugh and kept people from getting too long-winded. The bride (Alex’s sister) comes from a family of mine kids. Her fiancé (now husband) is one of eleven kids. It was a big get together and not even everyone was there.

The kids enjoyed it, the ones that came. My two oldest and the baby stayed home. The kids that came ate a lot of chocolate (a chocolate fountain was set up), danced, and ran around with cousins like kids are apt to do.

The bride and groom were happy and it all turned out great. We are glad to welcome another brother into the family. We have only three left on that side to get married.

Eventually the reception ended and we got everything cleaned up around ten and went home. It was a long and tiring day. We left almost everything in the van to unload the next day. And we got to wake up and be busy again the next morning.

Sunday we were invited to go to a baby blessing/ birthday party for another of Alex’ssister’schildren. We need to cram everything into one weekend while the whole side of that family is available. There were lots of of leftovers from the wedding to eat and we all finished off most of it. Afterwards we went to a potluck at our church to visit with our friends. It was a good time. And finally we went home and just sat.

Alex’s dad stayed the night at our house and Alex had a chance to visit with him. The original plan was to go to sleep at eight so we could survive the week. Ten o’clock was what ended up happening.

It’s going to be a long week.

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Just Rambling

Everyday is interesting. Even with the seeming monotony, everyday is interesting.

The other day I had just a couple things to do. I spent most of the day doing laundry non-stop and I cleaned one of my girls’ room. She gave it her best over the weekend but it needed some more work. I washed all the bedding, washed the walls, dressers, and nightstand. I took two blankets that were originally soft but after washing were rough and now they catches every small piece of grass or lint or whatever and can’t be cleaned, so I bagged them up. I want to throw them away because they are so gross but I am struggling to do so. I have a hard time throwing things away.

Later I was getting into the car to go to the store and my neighbor stopped to talk for a minute. She said, “In forty years you too can get a book from the library to read because you have nothing better to do.” I was shocked. We are such different people. I told her I read all the time because it is my link to sanity, my escape when stuff gets too hard. She said she is the type of person who can’t sit down when there is stuff that needs to be done. Thus she has a spotless house and is in shape and is exhausted at the end of every single day. Her kid and his family finally got their house built and moved out last week and she said her house is quiet and now she has time to read. She said she wished she was more like me and could slow down and relax. Meanwhile I am wishing I was more like her and could be more on top of everything.

I’m coming to the conclusion that there needs to be more balance. No one person has got it right. A lot of us wish we could do something better or be more like someone else and they are looking at us and thinking the same, that they wish they could be more like you. There is no one right way to be a good person. Everyone does the best they can, I hope, and if it works for you and it gets the job done then keep going. I probably should put the books down and do more but I’m mostly happy so I’ll probably just keep doing what I’m doing.

I was asked to bring dinner to one of my friends the previous night. Her husband had surgery this week and I was glad to be able to help. I struggled to think of something to bring that they would like. I stress about way too many things. I made a giant batch of dinner- half for her family and half for mine. I had to get creative because I was going to bring it to her in a foil pan. This dish, chicken and dumplings, I’ve only ever made on the stove. I gave it a good guess and baked it in the oven. It worked! And she said that her kids loved it and wanted seconds. Yay! Success! I was worried because half my kids don’t eat it so I started to panic the morning after that they wouldn’t like it.

So now, as I am writing all this, taking a short break from dishes and laundry and thinking in general, it is snowing outside. Yes, still. But there is one thing that makes it not unpleasant- the robins are flitting all over the place. They stop to drink out of the small puddles from the melting snow. The snow doesn’t seem to bother them. I heard them singing yesterday and it was so nice to hear after the long silent winter. The tulips and daffodils are working their way out of the dirt and in spite of being buried in snow, again, give optimism to those of us who feel like spring will never arrive.

Later, Alex and I looked outside and there was a small woodpecker jumping from limb to limb. It was so cute!

I got to talk to two of my sisters yesterday. One sister and I used to talk everyday but her work schedule changed so I only talk to her for a few minutes once a week now. The other one I only talk to for a fee minutes every few months. It was fun and I wish I lived closer so I could see them more often.

Last month Michael asked if he went to school, to his early class for a month- he goes to jazz band before school and hates waking up some mornings- he asked if I would take him to get a burger from his favorite restaurant. I agreed and today I had to pay up. I took the three oldest kids to eat a burger. It was nice to go out and talk with them.

Afterwards I filled up Alex’s gas tank and took Lauren to the grocery store. One of her friends was one point away from being able to go to long lunch. Lauren felt bad for her and went and bought her a treat to give to her. Everyone needs a Lauren for a friend. I’ve never met anyone so thoughtful and observant. She knows exactly what her friends like and what they need. It really is a gift she has.

When we got home we had a massive clean-up. Everyone participated and we got the basement put to rights and got stuff that has needed doing for months done. Thank goodness. Still lots to do, always, but it helped to have so much help. We blasted the music and got it done and had fun.

And we get to do it all again tomorrow.

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Food Storage: The Ultimate Meal Planning

You know what I love doing? Figuring out numbers, amounts. Its bizarre, but I love it. I might have enjoyed accounting. Who knows. As is, lately I’ve been figuring out what my family needs for food storage for a year. Ten people for a year.

All my life I’ve been taught to have food storage for a year.

Now times that almost by 10. I’ve been half-heartedly building up a supply for years. And then using it. It was short term. We would last for a month, maybe, if the stores closed. But, lately I’ve had this feeling that I need to get serious about it. Just a feeling in the air that things are about to get a lot worse. And if all stays well, then I still have stuff for an emergency someday in the future or if not, at least we had the peace of mind.

Last week I made a spreadsheet and figured out how much of what I need, what kinds, how I want to store it, etc. I compared the list to what I actually have and let me tell you, I am woefully far away from where I need and want to be. I probably have enough for a couple months which is better than nothing. Still, it was nice to see it all written down so as to have an idea of what to do and where to go with it all.

This is just one of the sheets I’ve been working on. I have other sheets that have information on stuff like toiletries, detergents, canning supplies, gardening, etc. It’s kind of a big deal. The list above is the basic survival stuff, the dread-eating-the-same-thing stuff at every meal stuff. I’ve been working on getting food to add variety. Food like canned meat, spices, seasonings, etc. Plus we’ve got the chickens that add to our meat supply and we have seeds so we can plant the garden and have fresh produce as well as preserve the excess harvest.

Am I an extreme prepper? Not even close. I’ve read up on this stuff a bit and watched some YouTube videos and every time I learn something new.

Before we just had things stored in buckets. It works short term but I wanted a bit more long term. I researched and bought some mylar bags and oxygen packets. Those were fun. I packaged some of the stuff we bought last year so we could prolong the life of the food. I love oats but it takes a while to go through a 25 pound bag. In an emergency it probably wouldn’t, but for now it does.

I got to thinking and weighing the options and I decided that I would go with canned food storage for long term. That way there wouldn’t be a pest problem, water wouldn’t be an issue, and they are easier to store space-wise. Canned, the dry food will last 30 years.

It was really weird writing that date down. 2050.
See what I mean about stacking nicely?

This is just a start for our food storage. To survive on this would not be fun. I encourage all of you, if you can, to at least get a months supply.

So yeah, this is what I’ve been doing as a hobby lately. Kind of fun, kind of boring but I feel a necessity.