Countdown Begins

So does anyone else feel like summer has passed them by but nothing has been accomplished?

Oh, just me.

There is only one month of summer vacation left! Oh my goodness it went fast. School supplies are already in the stores. I am not ready for that. This year has gone by too fast.

What have I accomplished this summer? Umm. Not much? I’ve been busy but doing what? Oh, that’s right. A baby. Baby number 8. She is beyond adorable. The sweetest baby ever. Even tempered and easy to take care of. As long as you are only taking care of her and nothing else. I get it. She is a baby. They take time. All. Of. The. Time. I have spent the last 7 months devoted to this little human and it has taken a toll. We’re getting out of the little baby stage which really is cute but now we are getting into the fun baby stage.

The first baby is so cute. Every stage is wonderful and magical and you love every minute of it. Well, the minutes you aren’t exhausted, anyways. But when you have a second child you realize that babies, the newborn babies, they don’t do much. Like anything. They sleep, eat, poop, and look cute. But that is it. They start growing up and now that you love everything about them they change. And you love them even more.

But now they are fun.

They start to understand more what is going on. They get a sense of humor and start laughing– granted, they laugh at the weirdest things– but the laughter is the pay off for months of hard work.

I have a teenager on down to a baby. They are so cute when they are little and they just get better. I still see the baby face in my teenager and I’m sure he hates me bringing it up all the time so I will have to squelch it a bit more. Nah, I still bring it up every day.

This year I have 5 in school and 3 at home. Only one in diapers now though! We potty trained my youngest this past week. I had tried a few times in the past few months and it didn’t work. Okay, I wasn’t into really pushing through a few days. And then summer soccer came up and I wasn’t about to potty train when we had to spend 3 hours twice a week at a soccer field when the only option was a port-a-potty. Nope. Not happening. So as soon as soccer was done for the season we went for it. Day one: no success. He didn’t get the concept. Day 2: success. He figured out number 1. Number 2 not so much and we had a stinky pair of underpants. Rest of Day 2: Completely potty trained!!!

I wait until they are 3 years old before I potty train my babies. I would rather buy and change diapers than clean up carpet and couches and beds. I’ve been lucky in that my kids haven’t had accidents once they are trained. So nice.

The kids growing up is bittersweet. I love their sweet little faces, chubby hands, wet kisses, their round chunky cheeks, and the way they run. I love to hear their stories and how they think. I love their laughs and giggles. Will I miss it as they grow up? Yes, I will miss the cute things. I won’t miss the mess, the diapers, the crying over everything. But that’s life. I will enjoy each stage as I’m in it.