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Summer “Camp” and County Fairs

This summer has been busy. And weird. I don’t need to explain that part. Everyone’s summer is weird this year.

On Sunday I took my kids to my parents’ house. It is kind of an annual tradition that they spend a week there every summer. I am sure it wears my parents out but they get to know their grandchildren better. We only live a couple hours away but we only see eachother a couple times a year. It would be nice to live closer but it is what it is. Maybe we’ll move someday.

While the kids have been having summer camp at the grandparents- swimming, doing crafts and playing with cousins- Evangeline (who is too young to go away for that long) and I have been keeping busy. The morning after the kids had gone I looked at the house and saw what a disaster it was. Such a big disaster. I’ve been chipping away at the mess for hours each day and I am almost done with the laundry. Hahaha. But the silver lining is that the vacuum lines stayed on the carpet for a couple days. That has never happened.

The day before I dropped the kids off we all gathered our projects and took them to the county fair. As I mentioned before, the house was a disaster and Gideon couldn’t find his painting. He grabbed a piece of paper and on the way drew a picture and we turned that in. It was pretty good. Alex and I have spent the last three nights going over to the fair and checking out all the entries. It is a small county fair and everyone gets a ribbon. It is so fun to see all the projects and art. This year was the second time that I had entered anything in and it was a good year. But what Alex and I are pretty proud of is our cabbages.

This year we planted a lot of cabbages. Two rows because we eat a lot of cabbage. It is so good! This year a few of our cabbages took off. They were giant. (We think the chicken poop fertilizer did the trick.) I measured the vegetables and we had three that were 28 inches around. We needed to turn in two

The ones on the right are your regular size cabbage. Good stuff. I just thought I’d show the comparison. A big one feeds my family for two or three meals.

I am just a bit excited because we won the grand prize!

I was really excited for the kids, too. They all won ribbons and Michael placed second in his category and Lauren got first in hers.

It has been a fun experience and I think the kids will probably put more effort and time into more projects this coming year for the next fair since there are no limits to how many entries one can do.

This morning before wrote this I realize that school is on the horizon and I am not ready! All my Arizona friends started this week online and it made me realize I need to get with it.

But I’ll leave that for another day. It is still summer here and I want to enjoy it.

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I’m Still Here

So I’ve been MIA for a while. My fun holiday weekend wasn’t all that fun. The appraisers called and where I figured I’d have another week to accomplish my tasks I had the weekend. It was good that it was a long one so Alex and I could both work on the projects and cleaning but that means we didn’t get to have fun. We did finish all the projects on our list though, so yay for that. But that is what procrastination gets you- not enough time to do what you should have done earlier.

The kids were helpful here and there. My 11 year old daughter wanted to help with projects so much. I gave in and let her help me mud and texture a ceiling and she was better at it that my son who was helping. I let her paint some of it too. They all helped clean up the house and yard, as they should and the appraisal hopefully went well.

We did do some fun stuff over the weekend. We had a cookout and ate in the backyard. The kids went swimming even though the water was cold due to the cool week we had last week. I did not participate. I don’t do cold.

Benjamin had shown signs of growing up; he helped around the house without being told. I love when it finally clicks for them. Alex decided to reward him so we took him out to eat and had the chance to talk to him.

Then we went to the local firework stand and spent way too much for what we got. The fireworks were a disappointment. Big time. Evangeline wasn’t scared of them and clapped at every one. We didn’t go see any fireworks show but a lot of the people around town had bought some big ones and we went to the high school football field and watched them go off all over town. It was fun and the kids declared it was the best day ever. I’m glad we’ve set the bar so low. The moon was really full and big and bright which did add to the beauty of the night. The dog hated them all and hid under a bed.

On Sunday we got up early and went to my parents house. My whole family was there and it was so much fun. I wish it wasn’t a five hour drive round trip but it is what it is. We visited and the kids played with their cousins. We are making plans for the kids to stay for a week (or a few days) at Gramma and Grampa’s house. It will be a fun break for all of us. Well, maybe. It will wear out my parents. I’d keep the baby with me though.

Monday morning I got up and had to finish cleaning for the appraisal. I was up at 5:30 because it started at 9:00. Dishes, sweeping, vacuuming, decluttering, etc. I went to the basement when there was fifteen minutes left only to find the two teenagers asleep in their dirty smelly room. I had had the kids sleep outside in the tent so I could make their beds and nor have them in the way but the big boys dis what they want. Fine. I told them to jump up and help me. I went around shoving things. Pile of wet clothes in a couple rooms? Thrown into the washer. Pile of mattress pads and sheets? Thrown in the dryer to jus TV get it out of the way. Then as I was sweeping the basement floor there was a knock on the door. I threw the broom at the boys and told them to finish.

I think it went okay. I got a cleaner house out of the deal and a bunch of needed projects done. Now I can start tearing it all apart. Sheesh. I think I am going to recruit my son’s friends for demo. I figure it could be fun for them and I’ll give them a pizza party at the end. It is a proven fact that teenagers do almost anything for food.

I spent a good chunk of Tuesday researching contractors and subcontractors. I think I’ve decided that I am going to be the general contractor for this and I’ll hire and schedule the subs. It could save me money but could be a pain. I’ll find out. I need to call the window guy and see when those are going to be installed.

Two of Alex’s sisters are here for a couple days so that should be fun for the kids. Elizabeth was so excited because she gets to have her nails painted by her aunt. Fun stuff for a five year old.

It should be another busy day. I’ll get to it and let you do the same.

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Plans on Hold

Yesterday morning I was prepping to go camping for the weekend. Yesterday afternoon I got a call that the house appraiser was coming Monday morning.

Plot twist.

Okay, it was all good. Just a slight panic because I was excited to just get away from everything and have fun with my kids. I thought we’d have another week at least to prepare for the appraisal. Nope. Just a long weekend. I changed gears and got to work. I cleaned the boys bathroom (it was so gross and I don’t know why they think it is acceptable) and then I cleaned the little boys bedroom. I moved furniture around because that’s what I do.

The big boys said they cleaned their room. They clearly don’t know the meaning of the word clean. I took everything out of their closet. Random piles of paper and art supplies and just stuff. I took some of it and told them to put away the rest. What do you bet they just shoved it back into the closet willy-nilly?

I moved tables and wardrobes and exercise equipment, beds and piles and piles of laundry. Actually I made the piles and had everyone help. I vacuumed and vacuumed and dusted and then I was pooped. Only to have to get up and start in again.

I planned on painting the stairs this morning but instead I am writing. I don’t want to paint them. They need it but I just would rather fix them right but don’t have the time or materials for it yet.

And the camping trip? We are still having it. In the backyard. Because why not.

Quick funny story. Last night I was tucking the little boys in. They are in the basement and out of the corner of my eye I saw a shadow move in the window. I calmed myself thinking it was just our cat, but realized it was huge! A ginormous black head was in the window looking at me. My neighbor’s great dane had gotten out and was looking at me. I was startled but figured out what was going on. I went to put her back in her yard because I knew the neighbors had gone camping. I don’t know how she got out. The fence gates were all zip tied and blocked. It is a mystery. But having a huge black animal blend into the night staring at you through the window is a little disconcerting.

Okay, fine, I’ll get to work. It is going to be a very long day.

Daily Life

Finally Feels Like Summer

I got a lot done today. A lot of cleaning and laundry and decluttering. Granted a lot of the clutter left the house only to make it to the garage. I’ll get to it eventually. I always do. I got the lawn watered and the last of the flowers planted.

I did not want to exercise this morning. I’d slept in -not on purpose- and felt like I would not get the day accomplished if I took time out to exercise.


I exercised anyways.

And I got so much done. I’m glad I didn’t give in to the excuses.

In working so hard all day by the time four o’clock came around I decided to take a timeout. I sat and watched Noah ride his bike everywhere. Then I decided to join him. I grabbed my scooter and Noah and I rode around the block. Skylar came with us which was a good thing because she needed a run. I enjoyed the time with Noah. He’s a tough kid. He crashed his bike twice, got up, dusted himself off and got back on his bike and kept riding. He did stop once to see if his knee was bleeding. It wasn’t.

Later, after dinner, Alex suggested we go play basketball. I ran with the idea and calmed all the kids and we went to the park. We jumped rope, played on the playground set and played basketball. Evangeline had never seen such a thing. She was running all over with a big smile on her face giggling and clapping the whole time. She loved it. Lauren was shy at first and said she didn’t know how to play. I told her to just get in there and she managed to make a basket on her first try.

Afterwards we were all hot and sweating. The kids all ran home to get into the pool to cool off. I’l never understand why they all have to shout and scream when they are all literally the feet from each other.

It was a good day. It finally feels like summer. We (I) got a lot done and I got to play with my kids. At the end of the day Alex found me sitting in a chair by the raspberry bushes. I was watching all the honey bees busily flying from flower to flower in the setting sun. It might seem a little bit of a crazy thing to do but after a long and full day it was nice to just sit and mindlessly watch the bees.

I’ll leave you tonight with a picture of Luna. She was sleeping so funny that I had to take a picture.

Daily Life

Been Busy

I feel bad that I haven’t been keeping up with my writing. I have been busy! Nothing real special, just the summer stuff that needs attention (yardwork, family time, house decluttering and cleaning, planning, etc). It is small-ish stuff but it just takes so much time.

Yesterday, for example, I spent the majority of the day gathering and washing laundry. I washed the clothes all day long yesterday and this morning started doing the rest of it. I think in total it will be close to 15 or so loads. Possibly more, I didn’t count it as I was doing it. I really should though. The plan for today was to separate out the cold weather clothes and store them away for later so the laundry isn’t so overwhelming because kids end up putting stuff they don’t wear on the ground and it ends up getting washed again. I did end up folding it all and I got it all the winter clothes separated.

I was quite pleased with myself this morning. I have kept up with my exercise program. I have been walking daily for over 2 months and I am on week 6 of my additional exercise. I started back up on eating better because you can’t out run your fork. I had been getting stronger and my shape has been changing but the scale was not being very kind to me. Rather, my eating habits had caused me to hate the scale. But what I am learning is that I can do this and that I feel so much better when I eat right and exercise than when I give in and eat an entire bag of cookies, or a giant bowl of ice cream. I know I’ll give in occasionally and eat food that doesn’t agree with me but it’s not so bad if it is few and far between.

I spent the rest of the day reading. I read a couple books to the kids. Then I read one of my books. I would read all day if I thought I could get away with it.

I was reading a book today because I decided to have a social media free summer. Yeah. Crazy? Maybe. I thought I would change things up for 90 days. No sugar, eating lots of healthy foods, lots of workouts, no social media. I want to get stuff done. I told myself it is just 90 days. Three months. Summer is the time to do it because I can get outside to do stuff and the fresh vegetables and fruit are plentiful. We’ll see what this experiment yields. Wish me luck.

Well, the day is finally over. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Daily Life

Power Outage

I sat in the basement listening to my oldest son try to play catch up with his band homework from the last two months. Hard lesson to learn. But it is something that I have been learning. Keeping up is easier than catching up and life is really just work. The piper will be paid at some point.

I was weeding the other night and i was thinking that life is work. You can’t really cheat. You can’t really take the easy way because you miss out when you go that route. You really just cheat yourself.

The boys got all their work done and passed their classes. One subject with one child left.

Wednesday morning I got up and the forecast was raining. It wasn’t dumping rain, it is Idaho and it never really does and only for a few minutes. It was dry enough so I was up and at ’em. It started to sprinkle as I walked and the sun peeked through the clouds. A rainbow before 7 a.m. it was a good start to the day.

I thought my washer was level but it wasn’t. One sure way to ruin a washing machine is for it to not be level. Ugh. I had Alex help me before he left for work. The front couldn’t go any different so I had to fix the back. Alex had to go and I was left to figure it out. I pulled the washer out and found out that the rear legs are stationary. I had to problem solve. This all happened before my walk. I needed the walk for time to figure this problem out.

This is what the floor looked like under the washer. Its messed up, right?! (Sorry for the blurry picture.)

I did my workout and then got on my knees and prayed for help to know the best way to fix the problem. I figured that since I am going to be gutting the whole thing anyways I might as well start by ripping out the section under the washer. The exact tools came to mind and how to do the whole thing. I got up and went to the garage to look for the crowbar. The tools are usually not where they should be. I looked for a minute and then called Alex. Before he could answer I saw the crowbar across the garage. It took me maybe 15 minutes to get the floor out and the thing leveled. Talk about prayers answered. I have about 10 more loads of laundry to do so I am glad it didn’t take long to fix.

The gas lines are being replaced or fixed or something in my neighborhood and so there has been construction going on. All day it was rumbling and loud truck and backhoe noise. It will continue as they do the road in front of our house. They were working on the side one first.

It was a chilly rainy day. I’m not a fan of the cold but it was pretty.

While I was putting the little kids down for a nap the power went out. I found out because the kids emerged out of the basement. Cloudy rainy days make the basement really dark with no power. The power was scheduled to come on at 5. Okay, 2 more hours to go. The kids were bored because it was cold and rainy so they were stuck inside. I said cleaning is a good cure but they wanted nothing to do with that. I cleaned the best I could without power. Washed dishes by hand, washed some walls, cleaned up the “classroom” since we didn’t need it for at least 3 more months, cleaned the little boys cave dump bedroom, and then we went to the store to find food for dinner and to get out of the house. Taco salad was on the menu.

We got home and I checked the power status. Not scheduled to come on until 8. What?! Ugh. Fine. Alex said to ser up the gas camping stove to cook the meat. I did. He cooked the beef in the garage when he got home. We ate and then had ice cream cones. I looked at the status again. No power until 10 p.m. No!!! My phone was dead, all the flashlights are in the 72-hour kits and I wasn’t willing to drag them out. So we read scriptures in the fading light, the kids built a blanket fort and we all went to bed with the sun. I got 9 hours of sleep. It was wonderful. In total the power was out for over 8 hours.

It was comical yet sad that the kids were so bored. I had to explain that electricity is a very modern invention and that people before it managed to survive. I am not bothered too much when the power goes out. Just an inconvenience. I am glad for it sometimes because gives us a chance to see where we could improve. I do love having electricity though. It makes everything so much easier.

So that was the last couple days. Power is back on and I have the laundry from yesterday to catch up on as well as a huge stack of dishes. Schoolwork and who knows what else awaits me today.

Daily Life


A business on Facebook was doing a giveaway and asked the question what is you least favorite thing to clean. I had to think hard. I do like to clean. Honestly. I love seeing things go from dusty to shiny. I have collected hints and tried tricks and all that in an effort to do it better and faster. I did decide on bathrooms though. I think it is the awkwardness of the space. And having boys. That’s just gross sometimes.

I found this Instagrammer the other day who cleans for a living. (I would consider doing that in the future when my kids are all in school.) She has tutorials and the like and I love watching the cleaning videos. I learned a ton. If you are interested look her up. She’s on gocleanco. I tried a couple of the things last night. Wow! Game changer! I felt slightly stupid for not knowing some of the stuff before and rolled my eyes at myself. But now I can teach my kids and they will be that much better off.

The thing that got me interested in her was laundry stripping. I stripped a load of laundry last night. I didn’t do it for the full length of time but it still worked. Stripping laundry means taking perfectly clean clothes and stripping the residue and hard water deposits and everyday oils and junk off them. It works and it is disgusting. Even if you think your clothes are clean you should try it, they probably aren’t.

Anyways, I spent yesterday studying budgeting and cleaning. Literally watching videos and taking notes. Homemaking school if you will. This I did in between taking kids to the dentist, helping with schoolwork and grocery shopping, picking up vehicles from the mechanic, and general everyday life with kids. Anything that will make my life run smoother I am all over.

I love that we have a world’s worth of knowledge in our pocket. There really is no reason to not know something. Have a question? Look it up. Growing up if we had a question the only options were to ask an adult and hope they knew (it was hit and miss) or go to the library (which was again hit and miss and so much work).

By the way, yesterday Sam finished school. He buckled down and did all the work and we turned it in. Yay! Only four more kids to go.

And the van I picked up from the mechanic? The air conditioner works, the blowers in the back work! When we go to see family in a couple weeks the kids won’t be sweating in the back and I won’t be windblown and none of us will get out with sweat dripping down and staining the back of our shirts. That was last summer and it was awful. We thought it would be a several thousand dollar repair so we just dealt with the heat. I couldn’t do it again. It was about $300. Um, kick myself much? Sometimes it is better to know reality that to guess. But we got a feel for what it was like pre-air conditioner and that was a pretty bad place to be.

Today we can hopefully check off a few more subject and a few more kids can be done with school. I hope because I know I am not the only parent on the brink of insanity.

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God Loves Marshmallows

We went to bed early last night so I didn’t take time to write.

Yesterday though, I got an early start. It was below freezing and I was waiting for it to warm up before I went on a walk. I got up and started folding laundry and it dawned on me that I could do my workout first and then go on a walk. It’s weird how routines get us in a rut and other ideas take a while to be heard. So I started a load of laundry and then did my workout and walk. I am incredibly sore this morning. I don’t mind the muscle aches from actually doing something. The muscle aches/tiredness from not doing anything is way worse in my mind. Mostly because one ache is from doing something hard and accomplishing something and the other is from avoiding doing something hard.

Right now I’m loosely following the diet I used previously to lose 25 lbs. The scale is going down again and it is a very good thing. My mom and some of my siblings are following the eating plan as well. I have one sister who has to follow it because she is allergic to so many things.

Anyways, after my workout I got ready for the day and got a lot done. It made up for all the days this week that were less than productive. The laundry got washed and put away, dishes done and the kitchen cleaned up. I then sat and made kids do some schoolwork. We may be behind in some subjects but all the kids have finished all their math assignments early. They are done with math for the year. Yay! Now to catch up on all the reading.

So yesterday the chicks turned six weeks old. They have all their big girl feathers. Time to go out into the real world. Poor dears. The real world is harsh- especially if you are the new chicks. Literally.

Pecking order is a real thing. See the big Red Hen? She’s the boss. Those poor little chicks are going to be put in their place. They can’t do anything without her permission or she’ll peck them. Ouch. So the newbies just cower in the corner. The chicks had their own boss. She’s a brave one but she will have to reign in her pride or she might fight it out eventually to be the boss. Time will tell. Either way, they survived their first night outside in the coop.

Yesterday Lauren was playing with Evangeline in my room while I was folding more clothes. They were just being silly when I heard a new voice chime in “I got you!” Clear as a bell and unmistakable. Evangeline talked. She said “thank you” clearly at dinner as well. I asked her to say other words and she did. Of course she wouldn’t say a word when I had the camera on recording her. But she talked! 17 months old next week. All but one of my kids started talking at this age. It is so cute but I love it because I don’t have to guess what is wrong or what they need anymore, they can tell me. It is a happy thing but I get a little sad to because all my babies are growing up. I registered Lauren for junior high yesterday. Like I said, happy but sad.

The other day Noah came up to me and said, “God likes eating marshmallows.” He spoke it with such authority that I don’t doubt it’s true. He is a funny kid. He was asking me to help him get his bike out of the garage the other day and I told him just I would in a few minutes. “What does in a few minutes mean?”, he asked. I love that him and Elizabeth hear a word and instead of guessing or assuming what something means, they ask. It is so cute to watch them learn.

Well, the sun is racing across the morning sky. I need to get the day going. Lots of stuff planned. We’ll see how much I actually get to.

Daily Life

What Day is it?

If you are wondering if you misssed yesterday’s post there wasn’t one. Yesterday was a hard day. The whole situation just got to me- staying home, messy messy house, weird smells (chicks are still in the laundry room bathroom because I tried to take them out to the garage over the weekend but it wouldn’t stay warm enough so they are still stinking up my house until it warms up a bit. We got snow this morning if that tells you anything) and I was just fed up with everything.

Depression hit and I struggled to do anything. I tried to read a book I enjoy, tried to crochet and watch a movie with the kids, etc. I just couldn’t motivate myself. Those days are just hard. I try but at least the hope of tomorrow helps me get through it. I made a bit of soup that I knew the kids wouldn’t eat but Alex and I would and Michael and Evangeline ate it. I had the younger kids make french toast for themselves. It was good because they learned to do it and I didn’t have to. I sat and played some songs on the piano that I hadn’t played in probably a year or more. Some classical sonatinas that I learned when I was 17 that I love love love playing. I like playing them fast and a million notes. It boosted my mood a bit and I was able to get myself to clean the kitchen and basement and have everyone help me.

After the basement was cleaned we watched the Lego 2 Movie. It was a fun cute movie even if we stayed up too late to watch it. I worked on my crocheting while we watched. I am making Christmas presents now so I am not rushing to do them in December. I have been working on them while I sit with the kids doing their school work. It helps me feel like I am accomplishing something, which I am. Multitasking at it’s finest.

This morning when I got up I got to work. The kids were all asleep and I took advantage and matched socks. I had so much laundry to do. But I did get the big boys to sit and do their schoolwork. While we were sitting and working I got a call from on of my son’s teachers. Ironically the class we were working on. She said that she wanted to inform me that one of the answers to the questions she wanted explained he had answered, “no, duh”. I admit, I laughed. I understand where she is coming from, she takes her job seriously and that is great. But I was sitting there when he wrote it and I let it slide because that was a hard hard day. I sat with him for hours doing everything that I could to get him to do anything. He got all the work done. He had a bad attitude the whole time. I had to explain that not everything is going to be fun; unfortunately we have to jump through the hoops.

Today, in spite of the rain, snow, and teachers calling, it was a good day. We didn’t get a lot of school stuff done but the fact that we did any at all is a win. I had other house stuff to do. I needed to get laundry done or Alex would have nothing to wear tomorrow. Today I told Gideon to get dressed as he was running around in his sister’s robe because he said he had no clean or dirty clothes to wear. Um, that’s not possible. The pile of clothes in his room had to be one or the other.

Today was also another day of barely get the baby to sleep and the kids wake her up every single time. So frustrating.

It could be worse. My brother’s son got a hold of the dish soap and while his mother was feeding their two week old daughter. He dumped half the bottle on the floor, the carpet, and the couch. That would be a nightmare to clean up. My sister said she’d take drawings on the wall any day over the soap mess. I would too.

Our “quarantine” is supposed to last another two weeks. The governor extended it this morning. I’m on the fence about it. But what can you do?

Hopefully tomorrow I get to all the kids schoolwork and there are no phone calls.

Daily Life

Replacements, Injuries, and Pecking Order

Where to begin. I got my washing machine delivered this morning. They were kind enough to put it on the piano dolly in my entry. I was able to get it to the laundry room and installed. It took a few mintues to figure out the settings and new buttons but it works. And it is quiet! My old machine was loud compared to this, even before I “fixed” it. I was able to get laundry done today!

I sat down and had four kids doing schoolwork at once this morning. Three are all caught up on math so there is that. I even texted 40 pictures of homework to the one teacher- she asked for it. Then after talking to another teacher in a parent teacher conference I took another look at the google classroom set up and found where to click that would take me to all the assignments. That would have been helpful weeks ago. Even the kids didn’t know about it. Lame. It should make it easier from here on out or at least we’ll havemore off a clue. I made one kid sit there and do all the assignments. I do agree wholeheartedly with him though that it is made harder when the teachers send you to so many different programs to work on so many different things and you’ve got to get passwords and logins for all of them.

One last thing on the school front- the one teacher who said she was trying to make it easy? I got 6 different emails from her today. I told Alex and he said that they were important ones, right? Not just one liners? Nope 2 important ones and 4 totally unnecessary one liners.

After the kids had finished (just in time for spring break this weekend) they all went outside to ride bikes and go for walks. I got up and decided to clean while I had the house empty and had the chance. 5 mintues later Benjamin came in crying. I asked what was wrong. He’d been riding his sister’s bike and wasn’t used to the brakes and ended up hitting his head on the curb. Well, broken bones, scrapes and cuts i can deal with. Head injuries aren’t my specialty and i know that you dont mess with those. He had a big swollen lump on the back of his head, no bleeding (his longish thick hair helped keep the skin from getting too scraped up) and he was crying hard and said it hurt. So I told him to go get in the van.

The battery was dead.

Thank you children for not shutting doors all the way. I needed to jump the van. The truck was at home but it is a stick shift and I don’t really drive stick. It was important that I get to the appointment so I decided to brave it and drive the truck over to the van to jump the battery. Laugh if you want, but, I am proud to say that I did it and I didn’t kill the engine. I got the van jumped and off we went.

Turns out that he didn’t have a concussion and the doctor told me what to watch out for. So Benjamin just needs to take it easy. He still has a headache.

I stopped at Walmart on my way home because I needed a mop. My mop broke. I know, right?! Just another thing to break. Let’s just keep replacing and fixing things, why not. I have parts coming to fix my couch, too. The springs broke year as ago and I’m tired of not being able to sit on it right. This is not how I pictured my life.

Later when Alex got home he saw his truck where I left it and he was confused. I left it there to prove I could drive it. He told me to prove it by parking it back where it was. Fine.

Michael had stopped working on his homework to babysit while I’d gone to the doctor’s so tonight he tried working on it again. He needed ro record the script he’d written for a history assignment. Hard to do in a house full of people who don’t know how to be quiet. I told him to record the audio after the kids had gone to bed. He makes his life harder sometimes. He likes to animate so that’s how he chooses to do assignments. Lots of work but way more fun to watch than a research paper.

The weather was so nice this afternoon that we spent time outside. I weeded the front flowerbed aound the tulips and raked all the old wood chips from when Alex and Edgar chopped firewood last year. We’ve never done anything with the side yard. It actually is just about an 8×20 patch of weeds. I never know what to do with it. Some years we’ve parked cars on it. As I was raking I found some old pumpkin guts from last year with a bunch of seeds. I thought maybe it would be a good idea to just plant a bunch of pumpkins there this year. Why not. I picked up some of the seeds to plant there this weekend.

Tonight I told the kids that it might be the first day of spring break tomorrow but we are cleaning the whole house and the garage too because the chicks are stinking up my house and I want them outside! In case you are new to chicken raising and are wondering why the chicks are inside and not out in the coop with the other full grown chickens, let me let you in on a little information: chickens are mean! Okay, they are actually awesome pets but there is a reason that the sayings “hen pecked”, “pecking order”, and “rule the roost” exist. The older ones will eat the ones who can’t hold their own. If you can’t defend yourself then you won’t make it. Survival of the fittest. I’ll keep the chicks out in the garage when I build then a safe place from predators like cats. Tomorrow.

Also, if you’d like to join in the Worldwide Fast for Relief from Coronavirus, we’d love to have you join us on Friday.