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What a day. I started it out with helping a friend with something and then I was planning on fixing the outside of the house. Alex had other plans. I came into the kitchen to find him poised to take down the ceiling. The kitchen ceiling in our house was lower than the rest of the house by about 10 inches to accommodate for a fluorescent light fixture. Problem was that above that ceiling was a lot of blown in insulation. A lot.

We pulled the ceiling down and most of it fell down in a big fluffy, dusty mess. Luckily, due to covid, we have “masks”. Bandanas, we have bandanas. We used giant 42 gallon garbage bags and a snow shovel to contain the mess. We ended up with 15 bags full. And I am glad we had masks but after wearing them for several hours I had had my fill and don’t have to wear one for quite a while.

This is one of the smaller piles we shoveled up.

Alex and I were both covered in insulation dust. We had nowhere to store all the bags except to put them back up in the attic. Michael and Benjamin were small enough to get up there and help move the bags around and they had fun getting up there. Once we get the sheetrock up we will have them get back up and spread the insulation around.

The kitchen looks so much bigger now that the ceiling is the right height and the closets have been taken out. Alex asked if I wanted to draw the cupboard lines on the wall so I can see what it looks like. I said no because I can see the whole finished kitchen in my mind. It is just a matter of making it a reality. I don’t necessarily mind the work but I will be so glad to have it done and over with so I can enjoy it and get back to normal life and not spend every spare minute working on this project. There will always be a project but I don’t think I will do this big of one for a long time

Daily Life

Off Day

The day started out meh. It was cold and windy and possibly rain. I wasn’t in the mood. I did my usual at home workout anyways while the kids slept around their blanket fort. Yes, around, not in.

My plan was to just clean today. So fun, I know. I got one room emptied and vacuumed and them cleaned out the heating vent. Then I cleaned all the vents and washed their covers. I found out why my room wasn’t as warm as it should be. Some kid had shoved a giant wad of toilet paper into the vent. No freaking wonder it wasn’t working right. What would possess them? It was back in there so it wasn’t easily seen and it is quite creepy to shove one’s hand into a vent. I’ve taken my phone and put it in the vent to take a picture prior to sticking my hand in vents before. I just went for it this time. Luckily I lived through it and found about $.40 in odd change. Payment for my work. I’m highly skilled and invaluable, I know, hahaha.

The rest of the day was just off. I was dropping things all day, missing when I threw stuff into the garbage, sucking up aliens that messed up my vacuum. It’s true. Little boys and their little junk toys all over the place. And don’t vacuum up raisins because it might clog the vacuum and you’ll have to take the vacuum apart and untangle raisin coated hair off the beater bar. Yes, that’s the kind of day I had.

Alex came home and it looked like I’d done nothing. It was depressing.

After dinner Alex did do something and it stayed done. Lucky him. I helped him drywall the new closet in the downstairs bedroom that now hopefully counts as a bedroom. Alex told the kids to figure out who gets the room. I told him I’d rather have it be a guest room so when family comes to visit they don’t have to sleep in the family room on couches. I have a feeling I won’t get my way.

I did get the little boys room cleaned and vacuumed and rearranged. Now to decorate it and have them keep it clean. They said they would keep it clean forever. Hmmm.

I guess this post is a little down but we’re allowed to have a down day every once in awhile. I’d rather it not be that way but what can you do?

Tomorrow should be better. Sam got a coupon for a dvd rental so it should be something to look forward to tomorrow.

Daily Life

Deaf in a Pandemic

I am frustrated and fed up with this whole virus thing but I guarantee it isn’t for the reason that you think.

This reaction to the virus is discriminatory. Let me tell you why. I am 30% deaf. That means I miss A Lot! I don’t fit in with the deaf community (I don’t know sign language and don’t know any deaf people anyways) but I can’t hear almost half of what is being said. 95% of the time I don’t complain, it’s been this way for almost forty years. It is all I know. But it is frustrating most days.

I can’t hear a lot of the things my kids say. All their little stories- I don’t know what they are saying. I ask them to speak up and kids really just don’t get that concept. They have two volumes- practically whispering and yelling. I say talk louder, I want to hear what you are saying and they turn down their volume. Same thing if I get closer to hear them. They take it as a cue to get quieter.

One can only say “what?” so many times before the other person get frustrated and says “nevermind”.

This virus reaction has made it worse because I can read lips to some extent and that fills in some of the gaps. People are wearing masks now. This takes away the opportunity for me to read lips and it also muffles any sound I might have understood. I ask people to repeat themselves and it is to no avail. At the bank the other day I explained the situation and the girl kindly took off her mask so I could understand. I was so grateful for that one small act.

I’m just ready to throw in the towel sometimes. I mean really, when my neighbor came over to talk the other day I wanted to hear him but if I leaned in a little to hear better he would back off. Stupid social distancing. I can’t hear you folks and it is hard pretending I know what you are saying. “I smile and nod because I have no idea what you are saying.” That is pretty much a deaf person’s motto. We try but it is difficult. If everyone came with captions it would be so much easier. One of my sisters is in the same boat as me so I know I am not alone in my thinking.

Enough of my rant today. The consequences of not hearing what was said got to me yesterday and it was upsetting so I just had to get it out. Hopefully we can get back to normal soon because this virus is effecting so many people in so many ways- big and small. It really just needs to end.