Daily Life


Last night and this morning were stressful. There is a holiday around here where we celebrate our pioneer heritage and some celebrate with fireworks. I didn’t use fireworks and never saw any but we sure heard them. For over two hours. Boom! Boom! Boom! I am half deaf and didn’t know they were going on until later.

After prayer we sent the kids to bed and the dog wasn’t sleeping where she normally does. We’d left her out back to go do her thing. We looked all over inside the house. Called outside. Walked around the neighborhood. Drove around the neighborhood. She was nowhere to be found. I told the kids she’d probably be home by morning.

I was wrong.

I had gotten up several times in the night to check and see if she was outside the front door. She wasn’t. I prayed and worried myself sick. At just before six as the sun was about to peek over the horizon I got up and dressed and got Michael up and had him come with me to drive around and look for our dog. No sign of her. We figured the fireworks scared her away. We always put her in the house during fireworks. This year all the festivities were canceled due to covid so I didn’t think about it.

When we came home from the first drive of looking I put a notice out on Facebook about what happened and a picture. A friend suggested I call the police. I did. They didn’t have her but would let me know if she was brought in.

I was restless and teary the whole morning. I had done all I could. It was a waiting game now. I sat at the table making rolls and Benjamin came up behind me and gave me a hug. He said it would all be okay and that she would be home soon. It was so sweet of him and I really hoped for the kids’ sake that it was true.

A few hours later a friend commented on my post that a woman on another Facebook page had found my dog. Yes! My stomach had been clenched tight for hours and it finally relaxed. The woman called me and we confirmed that it was indeed Skylar, my dog. I kept crying but this time tears of gratitude and happiness. We went and picked up Skylar. The people who found her said they found her in the back corner of their yard just shaking. She had managed to get herself over a mile away through lots of fields to where she ended up. When we got to her and saw her we were so happy. She jumped in the van right away. The kids were petting her and talking to her. Lauren and I were crying. I think the dog was relieved, too. She doesn’t do well when we’re gone and to be lost probably put her over the edge. She stuck closer to me than usual the rest of the day.

The kids think that I don’t like the dog. I really do and I hope they realize it now. She is with me pretty much all day and though I sometimes need a break, I do care about her.

When we got home we said prayers of gratitude. Gratitude that she was returned to us so quickly. Gratitude that she was alive and unharmed. Gratitude for the help of others in finding her.

I really hope she never goes missing again. She will definitely be inside on all firework holidays and days surrounding them from now on.

Daily Life

Back on Track and Weekend Planning

After I wrote the last part this morning I got up to face the day. The emails from teachers started pouring in. Of course. I was pondering the issues I was having and decided to just ho get help. The older boys and I went to the school and checked out two chromebooks. Its helping. I sat at the table while they worked and helped Lauren while supervising the older boys. Then we switched and I helped the younger boys. We got a lot done which goes a long way towards calming me down.

This morning I also had to take Piper to the vet- again. Last night her leg was swollen. I will spare you the details. It bothered her enough that by morning she’d pulled out a couple stitches. The vet fixed it and gave her an antibiotic shot. We should be good to go now. Fingers crossed!

This weekend is what is called General Conference for my church- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is where the leaders talk and expound the scriptures and it really is one of the best weekends of the year. It is for everyone, not just member of the church. If you’d like to check it out, click here.

Since it is something we look forward to so much, we make a big deal of it. I’ve got the menu planned as well as snacks and activities to keep the little kids occupied and not rowdy with needing to move around. I’ve got my shopping list and plan to go shopping for the weeks groceries while I’m out for my weekly shopping trip.

I also got all the laundry sorted and folded. Its days like yesterday where I’m kind of a stressed out wreck and nothing gets done when I need productive days like today to get my sanity back on track.

I finally got the last of my 72-hr/camping supplies in the mail today. We’re getting closer. I still need to get and pack the clothes and figure out what food (and shop for said food) that should go into them. The clothes and food are the hardest because kids grow out of stuff and the food explores eventually. If it would all just stay the same it out be done and forgotten. Wouldn’t that be nice.

Wouldn’t it be nice if everything we did stayed done?

Then everything slowed down. We all sat down to finish a movie we’d started the night before- One Thousand and One Nights. It I an Aladdin story found on Amazon Prime. I loved it! I think it was made by the same people that made the Beauty and the Beast version I like found on Prime as well. If you like fairy tales you might like both of those. It was a nice end to the day.

Daily Life

This Whole Word is Overwhelmed

I didn’t write yesterday. I have said this before and I will say it again- I am overwhelmed. I am sure a lot of people are. Stress is hitting us from all sides. All my kids email accounts are connected to mine and as such I am bombarded all day long with emails about assignments and grades and activities for them to do. I don’t know what to do. What I want to do is say forget it all and just have them work on the basics. Reading, math, and maybe music. Would that be horrible? I know the teachers are just trying to do their job but it really is me doing it.

I spent yesterday helping Lauren with her work. She caught up with a couple classes- after a crying meltdown because she felt so far behind. I also started to play catch up on laundry and I got a lot done there. I need to have the kids fold their own after I sort it. Then I baked some peanut butter bars for a snack and pretzels and hot dogs for dinner. It wasn’t my best effort but it was edible.

What I did spend a lot of time on yesterday was studying the scriptures. I needed it. I learned a lot about the priesthood (God’s authority given to man), I studied a bit in the Book of Revelation, and stuff like that. Alex even joined in when he got home while dinner was baking.

Listening to the number on the news about the virus and its devastating effects on the world’s people and also the economy is depressing. It is stressful. It is agonizing especially for those that are in the thick of it and losing loved ones. It makes me feel pitiful complaining about school. This morning I read an article where a member of my church, an apostle of the Lord actually, said this:

“He who created this marvelous world in which we live can say to any of the elements in it: ‘This far and no farther.’ That is what He will say to this blight we are facing. In the presence of His majesty, even subatomic-sized creations must bend—if only figuratively—and each in its own way ‘confess’ that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, the great Redeemer of all. Under the direction of His Father, the Savior is in charge of the destiny of this world. We are in very sure and loving hands.”

– Elder Jeffery R. Holland

How much hope that brings! It puts things into perspective.

I’m going to try and get through the day with a more positive attitude. If stuff doesn’t get done it doesn’t get done. I want to use this time to enjoy and teach my kids.

Daily Life

Trips to Town, Toilet Paper Shortage, Cake and Concerts

When I woke up around 6:30-ish the sky was starting to lighten. I love the early light. That will go away in a week because of the time change and we’ll have to start all over again.I got up and ready for the day and got 4 of the five kids off to school. Guess who was struggling. Besides me. Yep. He said he was sick. Possibly, but at this point I didn’t care. Go to school and call me if it gets to bad. I drove him to school and that was that. He never called.

I got the little kids ready to go and we were to the dentist right on time. It went well enough and then we headed to Sam’s Club. They were out of toilet paper. There was still a few packages of paper towels though. I think this is the silliest thing to happen in years. The great toilet paper shortage of 2020. It is nonsense. If I thought there was a chance I’d have to be quarantined in my house for 14 days or longer you can bet there are other things I’d need more than toilet paper. My sons laughed when I told them. They were saying that the showers still work, there are other options folks.

The little kids and I went to get Alex from work to take him to lunch. Little Cesar’s is always the most budget friendly option but I also went and got a salad for me somewhere else. Alex took the little kids on a tour of his office while I sat in the car eating my salad. They had so much fun.

Tonight the older boys had a band concert. I didn’t go because I didn’t want to pay for the dinner and juggle all the kids at said dinner concert. Next year. The boys said they would be in both band and choir next year and I’ll also probably have Lauren to watch since she’ll be in middle school then.

I decided to decorated a cake tonight. I just wanted to get it out off my system and get it out of the house. It tasted good but was really too much sugar for me and made me sick. I’ll just stick to making them for birthdays and not just for fun.I didn’t have the right tools and my food photography skills are lacking but it turned out okay.

Yesterday I took the van to the mechanic. The service engine soon light had been on for awhile. Since it was in the shop we asked the mechanic to see what ward wing with the air conditioner. Last summer was miserable with no a/c. I picked the car up and he’s said there was nothing wrong with the car. The engine light was faulty, so emissions thing set it off. But he recharged the a/c and said it should be fixed. We’ve been going to him for years and trust him. So I am really excited to have a working a/c. We didn’t test it today though because it took cold a day for that.

Tomorrow I am going to see how much decluttering I can get done. I feel like I’m drowning in stuff.

Daily Life

Tough Morning

This morning before the sun rose, Edgar left for two years. Alex and all the school age kids were up in time to see him off. He’s my husband’s distant cousin but he’s lived with us for three years and has been like an older brother to my kids. He’s quite the social person so he wasn’t aound a lot, but when he was the kids played adn rough housed with him. They will miss having him around.

This morning Elizabeth said that when he comes back that she will say, “Hey. I ate all your nutella.” The silly girl.

This morning was another anxiety, panicked morning. Two in a row. It was hard enough sending all the kids off to school. The temperature was -9° and the windchill was -17°. It was so bitter. Benjamin started panicking because he had to carry his saxophone to school. I didn’t want to fight him another morning so I gave him the keys and told him to start the car so we could get the ice off the window. Do you know how long it takes ice to defrost in negative temperatures? It took awhile and scraping it off was tedioous and took a while. As I drove him to school, again, unfair to all the other siblings who walked, I told him that every time he makes me take him to school he owes me an extra chore. I think it is only fair.

Everyday I sit down to write out my daily plan adn end up using the same plan for the day- nothing changed. Dishes, laundry, vacuuming, coooking, kids, etc.

I unplugged the internet today thinking I would get a lot done and the kids would be off the television. It seemed like a good idea, but it didn’t work out. Noah slept in my room last night and was making noises all night and kind of talking in his sleep. I found out why in the morning. He had a fever and wasn’t feeling well. I plugged the internet back in. No one wants to be sick and stare at the ceiling all day. I ended up holding him for most of the day. Actually juggling the three of them. Oh, well.

I am hoping summer comes soon so the sickness goes away and we can go outside and play. This cold is getting really old.

This past week Lauren has been bugging me to make a blanket for her dolls. I was trying to make one for the kids. But she was relentless. Fine, I’ll get it done. I cut out all the fabric and asked if she wanted to do it. She was scared of the sewing maching but we got her over that. She kept sewing the lines crooked but I made her pick them out and start over. She got better at it. She said she is going to turn it into the fair this summer. Sounds good to me. I’m sure that since she is getting more familar she will try her hand at maybe making some doll clothes. Or some for herself.

I have to end here. I have a crying baby who refuses to let her Dad console her.

Daily Life

Another Day, Another Anxiety Attack

Anxiety rears it’s ugly head again this morning. How did I know. Three day weekend. He said that isn’t why. He said he was ready to go to school but his chest hurt. It has done that before and it went away shortly after. He said he can’t run in gym. I really hate that class. I always hated gym. The boys have to run a mile every day. It is good for them, I guess. But that is what sent him into a tailspin this morning. Gym. I had to argue and push him out the door and practically walk him down the street only for him to turn around and run back home and start the process over again. I locked him out, it was 9° outside this morning. Don’t worry, he was bundled up. He finally walked to school though he purposely left his saxophone. He missed four days last month, I couldn’t let him stay home.

After he was finally off to school I went through and did a quick pickup of the house and vacuumed and swept the basement. Then I went and did the dishes since Evangeline was still asleep. I have to stay upstairs when she sleeps because although she’s figured out how to climb up stairs last week she hasn’t figured out how to go down.

When she finally woke up, I found her lounging against my pw on the bed just looking at the ceiling and playing with her fingers. I picked her up, got her a sippy cup of milk and we went downstairs to be with the other kids. Edgar was there, too. It is his last day here for two years. He leaves tomorrow on a mission for our church. He’ll be down in Arizona. But today he said he was going snowmobiling. I said if he were my kid I’d say no way in heck. But he’s not so he went snowmobiling.

I spent a good deal of the day quilting and juggling kids. What else is new. I’ll be done with the one quilt tomorrow. Yay!

(Here’s a sneak peek.)

Tonight for dinner I made chicken soup and rolls. We bought a pizza dough blend flour so when I made the rolls for dinner the texture was different from what it normally is. Too bad I didn’t eat any if it. But the family said it was good and it smelled amazing.

I just finished day 21 of my diet. Not bad. I was frustrated because the weight hasn’t been coming off as fast as I would like (I’ve stalled these past few days). I’ve been dieting for 3 weeks, why haven’t I lost all the weight yet?! Just kidding. If only it really worked that fast! But I am sticking too it because I wasn’t a new goal. Years of the same goal is really getting old.

Tonight it was Benjamin’s turn to have his 15 minute Mom time. He chose a racecar game on the Switch. I won. Then we played Just Dance. He won that, but just barely. It was fun. The kids are loving the one-on-one time. I am too. Especially because we don’t have to go anywhere or spend any money. Not a bad deal.