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Playing Catch-up, What Else is New

I apologize for not writing this past weekend. I have been busy and thus by night time, I am tired. It has been stressful as well.

Saturday was full of yard work. Alex manually turned over the entire garden with a pickax. He was super sore. We also made paths and hills for the plants. The next plan is to put up a fence and arbor around the garden to keep out the rabbits, chickens, and marauding canines.

While Alex was doing the garden I finished what the boys had started which was doggy-doo-duty. I took the leaf rake and raked up the entire back yard. All the remaining leaves from fall and twigs that had fallen during the winter as well as any dead grass were raked up as well. I was a tad sore the next day but by Monday felt fine. I still have to do the front yard. It is good to get all the old matted down stuff out so that they green grass can grow uninhibited. The grass is finally starting to poke out of the ground and I am so excited.

The baby chicks are doing well. We haven’t lost any yet. Little chicks are kind of dumb. Well, maybe inexperienced is a better term. They are only a week old so I have to cut them some slack. We’ve had chicks fall asleep in the water (very shallow) and drown. Chicks are a lot of work, grown chickens are very low maintenance.

These past two weeks have been HARD! As I’ve mentioned before, it is difficult to get all those subjects and levels in and then take care of a baby and house and try and spend time with the preschoolers. I took Friday off because I was very overwhelmed.

Yesterday my sister and her kids were out in their yard when they heard a big thunk. They ran out front and they saw a jeep driving away. It had hit their dog. They had their dog for nine years. They were all devastated and the kids are traumatized.

I started today out by watching the video of my sister sobbing this morning and then talking to her. Her poor kids. Talk about stress on stress. Life is hard enough already.

Then my brother and his wife were in the hospital for the birth of their third child. That is always a happy occasion but also very stressful. Their little girl was born healthy and beautiful and also shares my Lauren’s birthday.

Yep, we had a birthday to celebrate at our house. We kept to the school routine anyways though Lauren only did one subject and took the rest of the day off. She enjoyed the day. Her cake wasn’t cake, but dirt cake which is pudding and Oreos. It was good.

Okay, so all that stuff was on my mind, the house was a mess, and the kids had school and one of them was weeks behind because I had been so busy trying to juggle everything and dropping most of the balls. I didn’t even know where to begin. So I began in the kitchen. I turned on the radio and ignored everything else. If the kitchen is in order I am more calm. So I washed all the dishes, wiped the counters, pulled out the cream cheese to soften for the cake, cleaned the living room (I figured if I was going to mop I was going to do the whole floor) and then swept the floor and mopped the living room and kitchen. I could concentrate. Finally! But then I got a headache and stomachache so I took a quick catnap.

I sat down and helped Benjamin with his homework after lunch. We sat there for several hours working through all his classes and all his assignments. We made it through 90% of his work. That was a huge load off my mind. I figure that the only way that we are going to get these kids’ school work done is for me to literally sit there and keep them on task. There goes most of my day. And we get to do this for one to two more months. This is the most exciting prospect. Not really.

I scroll through Facebook and see all these people saying they are bored or to enjoy this time of having their family home. Alex, thankfully, still gets to work and my job just doubled. It isn’t a vacation. My sister, who works from home and whose husband still gets to work now has triple the load because of the usual housework, job, and school. It is ridiculous.

The world is weird right now. Everything I the same and yet it is all so different.

Daily Life

Living in the Country

I went to Walmart this morning. If you think “Is that the only store she shops at?” Yes. Small town life. Anyway, Lauren’s birthday is Monday and I needed to get the stuff for her cake, dinner, and presents. I had my list I had been making for a couple days. The state being on stay-at-home orders I am trying to not go out. But it seems when someone tells you no then you want to do the opposite. I finally got my groceries, after crossing back and forth across the store a dozen times because I didn’t didn’t order my list. The store’s shelves are looking back to normal except for the noodles, ramen, cleaning supplies and of course, toilet paper. Those were gone for the most part. It’s sadly starting to look normal and so is seeing people walking around wearing masks.

Next I headed to the farm store for chickens. I was going to check and see what they had in stock. I passed the cutest ducklings and baby turkeys. I don’t know what baby turkeys are called. Are they chicks, too? I looked it up- chicks and sometimes jennys. I went around the crates and saw they had chicks! I got a 4 white leghorns and 3 isa browns. I’d never heard of an isa brown but I got them anyways. They are apparently a cross between two of the breeds I usually get. They are cute and the kids were so excited when I brought them in. Now I get a month or so of raising 7 babies. At least I didnt get 25.

I also went to the bank and paid off Alex’s car. We bought it last year and we didn’t want to have a car loan but needed the car for Alex’s long daily commute. We hadn’t had a car loan for so many years and we like it that way. Now we are back to that again; we hope to keep ourselves car paymentless.

At Walmart I had gotten stuff for the 72-hour kits so when I got home I had all the kids bring their backpacks and we divided all the stuff I had so far. I have a few more things coming in the mail and we need more of the food and the clothes. I really don’t like dealing with putting the kits but they are necessary.

Later we went outside to get some work done. The yard needed the doggy-doo cleaned up now that the snow was gone and the chicken coop needed cleaning out from the winter. Alex got to work. He took it all to the garden and then took the pickax and tilled the garden. We don’t have a tiller. Alex and Edgar grew up seeing and doing the garden work by hand- no machines, just tools. I am not going to complain, as long as they do it and I don’t have to. It is a really good workout.

Michael made pizza for dinner. He’d seen a video this morning and wanted to give it a try. He did a good job and even made up his own sauce recipe. It was very good! Took him forever but he learned a lot. If he wants to take over pizza duty on Friday night I won’t complain. He even cleaned up a bit after himself.

We only got half the garden and half the yard cleaned up so we will have to finish it tomorrow. I only watched everyone work. Evangeline cried when I would put her down. She wasn’t familiar with the backyard, I guess, and so she needed me to hold her the whole time. She was scared of the chickens, not a fan of the neighbor’s Great Dane, and the combination was too much for her.

Oh, I told myself i would write about the drive home today. I was alone and had my music on, which I haven’t listened to in ages. I took the scenic route home and it was so pretty. We are still in the brown phase of spring but I saw deer on the side of the road, lots of baby calves playing in the fields and there were swans, cranes, and Canadian geese picking through the fields for a meal. It made me appre6living in rural Idaho. It really is my favorite place to live.

Daily Life

Look for the Blessings

I was thinking about yesterday. It was a bit chaotic. Amidst the seeming chaos though, I saw the blessings. I came upstairs in time to stop the washer before more damage was done (way more smoke and possibly fire); Lauren prayed to find her math book and right after she she prayed she got up and went right to where it was; all the messes only overwhelmed me for a couple minutes and then I was able to clear my mind and think rationally and solve the problems.

I had started yesterday wanting to do better. I set out read my scriptures and prayed that the day would go well. It really did, just in disguise. I had to look to see it. We actually got more done yesterday school-wise.

Last night we were reading scriptures as a family and Noah came up to me and started talking. He wouldn’t stop so I stopped talking/ reading and looked at him. He looked at me and asked, “Do you know Spanish?” Not really, no, I told him. “But I know Spanish so that means you know Spanish.” You know it, so I know it? I asked him, is that how it works? With a serious look on his face he replied, “Yes.” Alex and I looked at eachother and tried to stay serious. It was so cute!

Elizabeth was crying when she went to bed last night. Alex went in and had her laughing. When I went in to tuck the girls in Elizabeth informed me of the situation- “I was laughing and crying. I looked like that emoji!” (😂)

This morning I woke up and just couldn’t do it. Schooling the kids on top of the regular daily routine/mess was more than I could handle. So I kind of didn’t. I got ready for the day late and then got the kids up to the table for school. One started crying, as usual and I ignored it. One had a math test and that’s all I cared about getting done. Why? I don’t know. I an not going to grade it until Monday anyways. The boys got the bare minimum done which we’ll catch up on tomorrow. Lauren worked on her stuff all day. She finished her math test, all her English, and three days worth of civil war history homework. She has 10 days left of homework on the civil war to finish in 6 days. She can do it. I love that she is a self starter.

Then I just left the kids to be kids and I cleaned the kitchen. It needed it. I needed it. Later I even cleaned my bathroom and shower. I was on a roll.

Later Benjamin and Noah came with me to pick up the cat, Piper, from the vet. Poor thing looked like a sewing project. She got spayed so there were stitches with that and then she got three stitches on her leg. The wound on her leg was no joke; no wonder she couldn’t walk on it. I’m glad I took her in.

Tonight at 7:30 Benjamin decided to make a cooking video. Root beer cookies were on the menu. He messed up. He had my hand mixer burning up, messed up the order of ingredients and messed up an ingredient or two. I think I’ll have a cookie making lesson with him tomorrow. Once he learns the basics he should be good to go. I can’t wait to watch the video.

I will end here. I need to go make sure my house doesn’t burn down and he dosen’t erase abl my pictures on the sd card.

Daily Life

When it Rains it Pours

This will sound like whining and complaining. I’m sorry. This stuff just got real. Real complicated. I have one computer. 5 kids. 45 assignments. Do the math because I refuse.

There were several meltdowns. The kids had them, too. Hahaha.

Lauren found out she has a math test tomorrow and was super behind, or so she thought, and we couldn’t find her math book anywhere. We found it eventually along with the other papers she couldn’t find last week. I had to give all the kids a lesson on how to use a planner and how to prioritize assignments. I’ll have to give it a dozen more times before this is all over I have no doubt.

I got it all settled, everyone knew what to do and so I went upstairs to get baby down for a nap. I smelled smoke. Then I saw smoke. I looked towards the oven. Nothing. Beyond, though, there was smoke billowing out of the washing machine. Yes, you read right. Washing machine. I panicked and quickly turned the machine off and unplugged it for good measure. What the heck?!

I called Alex because what else was I supposed to do. He said call a repairman. Well, if you know me then you know I will do it myself if I can. My friend watched a YouTube video a year or so ago and fixed her dryer. I could do it, too. So I looked up possibilities and researched what to do. Seemed simple enough if that were the issue. I figure the belt was the problem. I took the washer apart and sure enough, that was the problem. I went to cut the belt off and it broke off it another section completely when I put a little pressure on it. So I looked up the parts and ordered them. We should be back in the marathon laundry business as soon as the parts arrive.

Idaho Governor has just declared a “stay at home” order for 21 days. It just dawned on me that if my washer parts are somewhere that has shut down then I might not get my parts anytime soon. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. I do have an extra washer I can use, luckily, even if I don’t like it that much.

Oh, and this morning was fun. By fun I mean it wasn’t. Noah decided to be independent and opened his applesauce. Got some on the floor. Opened his syrup packet and got most of it on the floor. I got it all mopped up, left the kitchen and came back to my nice bath towel in a ginormous puddle of water. One of the boys had accidentally popped a very large water balloon in the kitchen.

The day just went from thing to thing. I took the cat into the vet. Oh, by the way, she is walking on all fours today. But I kept the appointment anyways. Turns out she had a temperature, a wound that was a bit infected, and was still limping. The vet tried to shave around the wound and the cat, Piper, wouldn’t have it. So they are going to anesthetize her, fix the wound and spay her at the same visit tomorrow. I left her there overnight. Not looking forward to that bill.

We finished Gone with the Wind tonight. Lauren was a big fan right until the last bit when evetyone dies and Rhett leaves. I agree that it is a rotten way to end a movie but Scarlett really did bring it on herself. They both did. (When I say they got what they deserved I mean in regards to not being together anymore. Losing their kids was horribly tragic and no one deserves that. Just thought I’d clarify.)

But a good thing ended the day. I got a lot of my packages with the 72-hour kit stuff. That was a fun surprise. The book I ordered, The Dinky Donkey came, too and we read it. We have The Wonky Donkey also and the kids love both of them.

Now hopefully my washer parts come as fast as the other stuff did.

Daily Life

School, Self-discipline, and Gone With the Wind

I didn’t want to do school today.

I did it though.

Michael said school is easy at school because you are at school and that’s what you do but at home it is hard because there are so many distractions. I told him that is my life. Everyday I have to make myself work at home even with all the distractions. He said it was easy for me because I’ve had years of practice. He’s only partly right.

It was just school and dishes today. I did make a batch of white chocolate cashew cookies though. They were a hit with Michael. Noah didn’t care for them.

When Evangeline took her second nap I laid down and took one with her. Or school has naptime. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. When we woke up, I think Noah woke us up as usual, he and Evangeline played on the bed and rolled over me like bunch of rambunctious puppies. It was cute. Annoying but cute.

After dinner when I went downstairs it was a disaster! So bad. I turned everything off and called the troops to order. We got it all cleaned in about ten minutes and then I finally put on the movie that Lauren has been waiting for, her history lesson- Gone With the Wind. We watched probably half an hour tonight and Lauren loves it. And she recognizes names of generals and such from school learning so that is fun for her. I haven’t seen the movie in over ten years, probably more and I’m enjoying watching it with her. At this pace it’ll take forever to finish but that’s isn’t a problem.

I looked outside today and the I can see spots of mud through the snow! The temperature will be in the 50s next week so the snow will be gone. We can clean up the yard and start planting the garden. So much work but I love seeing the plants grow. I’m most excited for the raspberries. I’ll probably pant some more bushes because you can never have too many raspberries.

Update on the cat: she is still limping. But using only three legs doesn’t stop her. She was running and playing and trying to climb the tree today. I’ll take her into the vet tomorrow and see what she says.

I told Alex tonight that I want to take the kids on a field trip. The question is where. He just rolled his eyes at that. We’ll probably just end up walking on the track but that could be fun. Maybe we can work on fixing all the bike tires that went flat oooover the winter and then go ride them at the church parking lot. That sounds more like it.

Daily Life

More School at Home

Just found out tonight that we get to play this home based school thing until April 20th. I’ll probably have the hang of it by then. Today was spent helping one kid after another. I even assigned the older boys to help Lauren with her math because they knew how to do it. I’m insanely grateful that they are both good at math.

Found a snag in the program today. Five kids and they all need at least an hour a day on the computer. We have one computer. We are charging the tablet, iPad, phone, etc. to use tomorrow and maybe we can get them all going at once. I doubt it but we’ll try it.

Found out Benjamin really wasn’t working on his stuff last week. I sat down with him for an hour and we went through all his emails and figured out the assignments and wrote them in his planner as well as quickly did the ones we could. It isn’t as bad as we thought it was but he’ll have to buckle down to stay up with it all. He really is a fast learner. There were two pages of Greek terms (prefixes I think) that he needed to know. I’m sure he’s been hearing them for months but I quizzed him and he knew most of them without any pauses. He never studied so I was impressed.

I did get a few minutes to check out chicks online. Actual chickens chicks. I was going to order 25 of them but had a feeling not to. I checked the city ordinance and the limit is 6. Dang it. I wanted a bigger flock. Oh well.

It was mostly school today though and I have a feeling it will be for awhile. Looks like I just got a full time job on top of doing my usual. Maybe I’ll get the laundry sorted so the kids can put their clothes away? Your guess is as good as mine.

Oh, I called and made an appointment for one of the cats. The poor thing really injured herself this time. Last night we made the cats new bedding spot hard to access. It was their sleeping in the rafters that likely played the biggest part in the injury. We take her in Wednesday. The previous times she limped but gotten better. This time it never did so yo the vet we go. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Daily Life

Weekend Catch-Up

Saturday morning Benjamin came into the kitchen and asked, “Is it going to snow?” He hadn’t seen the snow outside yet. I told him it did last night “Oh, I give up!” He exclaimed as the threw his hands in the air and stomped off. We woke up to snow Saturday and Sunday morning.

In light of the recent earthquake I decided to get a head start on checking and redoing our 72 hour kits. I usually do it the first week of April and October. I brought our two backpacks into the house and started to empty them. It was abysmal. Packages had gotten opened and there was mouse poop. There was nowhere near enough food. No water. A couple sweatshirts and some old gloves. It was inadequate. I can’t remember why it didn’t have really anything in it except that the last several times we checked them was pregnant and/or had a little baby.

I got on the internet and looked up what I should have in them and wrote a list, researched different websites and ordered what we needed. It should all be here in time for my bi-annual reassessment.

On Friday I bought more water jugs – the 5 gallon ones. I want to have one per person. I just need one more. I spent some time Saturday washing them and filling them up. We can use them for camping, too, so that is a nice bonus. I had looked at the 50 gallon water barrels but where to store it is a problem and then we wouldn’t be able to move it. In the garage they’d freeze up and be useless and probably break. 10 of the 5-gallon jugs is the same thing but I can move them.

In my church we have been encouraged, for as long as anyone can remember, by our leaders to have a year supply of food. Yeah, I don’t really have that. I sat down and figured out how much I would need. It is a lot. And now is not the time to be stocking up. Because it is gone. Everyone else had the same idea. I guess I wait a little for it all to calm down and then try to stock up. I made a list of how much of what I need to buy each month and how long it would take. It will take a while. But I think all the comotion is a wake-up call that everyone is heeding at the moment. I just hope I’m not too late.

For our weekly date on Saturday we finished watching The Quiet Man. We hadn’t watched it all on Saint Patrick’s Day so we opted to finish it last night. I thought we had at least gotten halfway through it on Tuesday but it just kept going. The movie is 2 hours and 9 minutes long. It was worth it though, it is a fun movie.

Sunday I tried to sleep in until 8. I woke up at 7. We all got up, eventually, had breakfast and had church. Evangeline was fussy, again. I guess I should make church earlier? Later? When you have church at home you can pick the time. It is kind of nice. Alex gave the talk on scriptures and Michael gets to talk next week.

We spent the rest of the day not doing much. We went on a couple short walks and Alex called and talked to his parents. It was a pretty relaxing day.

Tomorrow is another day of school at home. I have a couple videos I want the kids to watch in addition to the worksheets they brought home. I am hoping to go to bed early tonight so I am energized for tomorrow. We’ll see if that happens. I also have a couple errands I unfortunately have to run. Thinking about it, only one to run (that I don’t want to do). The other two can be done by mail.

Daily Life

Normal Feeling Day

After Evangeline went to sleep late we thought she would sleep in. Nope. Before 5 a.m. she was awake. Noah had come in during the night and he was awake, too. So was I. Alex slept longer. All my kids are late risers- except for today. Everyone was up before 6. Why?!

The babies sat on my lap at 6:30 and fell asleep. So I was stuck for awhile. While I sat I planned my outing. Since I am trying to stay out of the crowds I needed to make the most of my trip so I don’t have to go out again. I planned the menu and shopping list. I decided to go early so I would be home when Alex was. It was a good idea because everyone else started to file into the stores as I was leaving.

I got food for 2 weeks as well as some emergency preparedness stuff since the earthquake made me take stock.

Then I went to the craft store. They have one more week until they close. What a time to go out of business. I was torn between staying home safe and getting a good deal. I chose to get the deal. There is only one case of coronavirus in the town and it is a male college student so I figured all the local old ladies that were there would be safe to be around. Still, I was wary. But let me tell you of the haul I got. 90-95% off. Um, I couldn’t pass it up. In the end I only paid $35 for the cart full and saved $550! That is insane! Tell me that wasn’t worth it. I got picture frames, a blanket and scarves, bolts of fabric and seasonal decor for Saint Patrick’s Day and Easter. The fabric I’ll use for dresses for the little girls and aprons for all of us girls. There were ladies there with bolts and bolts of fabric. I didn’t get that much, just 2. It was on sale but you had to buy the whole bolt. I’m glad I went and got the Christmas fabric the other night when I could get it in just a yard at a time. Bolts of Christmas fabric would be too much for me.

I got home and Michael helped me unload. Then we made two big sandwiches (french bread loaf) for lunch. It’s my favorite. For dinner we had hamburgers. I had planned it for another day and was going to make the buns but we changed our mind and ran to the store. Still out of tp. Ridiculous.

Alex, Evangeline and I were at the store together and we decided to call it our date. We went and got a soda at the drive thru and then parked overlooking the river. It wasn’t much but what are you going to do when you’ve only got 15-20 minutes and pretty much everywhere is closed and you’ve got to go home and make dinner for the kids? We stopped at Redbox and got the movie Abominable and Spiderman Far From Home. And we got a giant bag of theater popcorn to make a fun night of it.

So that was the day. It felt pretty normal for us and that was nice. I decided that Fridays we wouldn’t have school. Just do a four day week. I asked the kids how they were holding up and they said okay except they couldn’t go anywhere. They never go anywhere but school but I realized they miss their friends they hang out with at school everyday. Hopefully it doesn’t last too much longer.

A lady from my church called me to see how I was doing. I told her I was good and asked how she was. She said she’d returned early from a trip to Maine visiting her daughter. There were only 6 people on the plane. It was like having a private jet (but not nearly as nice). Because of the airport in Salt Lake being closed due to earthquake damage her plane had to divert to Jackson Hole. Not bad. She didn’t have far to get home from there.

Anyways, she asked me how my friends were doing and I said they were fine but needed to check in with them. I’d forgotten but then to ight I got a call from one of my friends. She was checking up on me and it was nice to know that someone cares. It reminded me and I texted my friends to see if they were okay and if they needed anything. In my church we are assigned people to minister to. I’m just lucky that they are all my friends. I’m really grateful to be a member of the church. I was thinking about it today and being the extreme introvert that I am I really wouldn’t have any friends if it wasn’t for church. I would never meet anyone. It’s true. I would never have met any of the people I interact with if it weren’t for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Call me weird but I am so very grateful for it. I wouldn’t have met my husband either. We met in church. Haha.

My Grampa called me today. His caretaker had been reading my blog to him. I figured it was a good way for him to keep up with my family. It was good to talk to him.

I’m going to leave off here and go finish the movies with my kids. It’s hard to type with Noah and Gideon on my lap anyways.

Daily Life

Homeschool Day 2

I woke up and for a glorious 30 seconds everything was “normal”. Then I hit full conciousness and realized that there was a new normal. My spirit flagged for a second but then I got up to make the best of it.

I made breakfast burritos and after breakfast we set up school. This school thing works great at school because the kids listen and never pull out the behavior they do at home. One of my grade school children decided to be the one who had the last whine. Not word- whine. He wouldn’t stop. All he had to do was shut his mouth. Couldn’t do it. I’d say be quiet and he’d not be quite. This went on for what seemed like forever but was probably more like three minutes. I sent him to another room until he could zip it. We did this process twice.

Eventually it all settled down and the little kids got a bunch of math and English papers done. If they finish it all early next week I won’t be sad.

The older boys are a bit more difficult. All their assignments are emailed to them and they are pretty much on their own. I ask them what they got done and remind them that when school starts up again they best not be behind. Plus with the ability to turn in assignments by email the grading of work is still happening.

I have been inside for months now. Since about mid- October and I’m getting a little stir crazy. Yesterday I had enough and bundled the kids up and made them all go for a walk around the block. It was sunny but the cold north wind was blowing. I was not a fan of that. Later I went to take out the trash and the wind had died down and it was warm! (46° F) We took another walk and then I let the little kids just play in the front walkway (the grass is wet and mostly buried in snow. But the roof is finally snow free and Gideon’s soccer ball that had been callously flung onto the snowy roof by an older brother finally melted free after 4 months.

Michael had taken the dog for a quick walk and then put her in the back yard. As soon as she saw the kids and I walk by she was upset. This dog is literally my shadow and hates when I leave without her. She saw us walk by the fence and I could see the wheels turning in her head. She stood there for a second and then turned around and bolted to the other end of the yard where we have a short fence. In her desperation this winter to get to the front yard where we were working she jumped the fence. Years before she had tried jumping the fence but her toe got twisted up and caught in the fence and it was painful. I got her untwisted and out but she didn’t jump fences after that until this winter. I saw where she was headed so I went back and put her in the house; I don’t like walking her and pushing a stroller simultaneously. By the way, it is funny that she could jump the fence anywhere in the yard but doesn’t know it and I’m not going to teach her either (it’s a four foot fence).

So later, the cookie dough I made the day before? I baked them before dinner. Cookies take soooooo long! I made dinner simultaneously and it was done before the cookies. It was a good snack but I won’t be doing that for another few weeks. They make a quick breakfast though- don’t judge.

We ended the night pretty early by watching a video based on the scriptures we had read earlier in the week, had prayer and tucked the kids into bed. Evangeline was not tired. At all. Okay, actually she was but she wasn’t going to admit it.

That was pretty much the day. Hopefully the next day is better.

Daily Life

Homeschool Day 1

We woke up at the usual time this morning. As I was contemplating getting out of bed my sisters message “earthquake!”

They all live in Northern Utah and they all felt it. It woke them all up. The funny thing was that my mother, who lives for these things and is always tracking the earthquakes online all over the globe- slept through it. It woke up the whole house but not my parents. I laughed at that.

What was a blessing was that most people were home due to the pandemic. All the fear and panic of not knowing how your kids or spouse are doing was alleviated because they were home for the most part. Silver linings.

As for the rest of my morning- there is a reason that my kids leave the house for school. We gathered all together at the table and all their personality differences were readily apparent. Two were ready to go and went through worksheet after worksheet. Michael did band first so we heard the trombone music coming from the basement. I’m not sure what Benjamin was doing because as I was cycling through the younger kids the older two were in the basement. Sam was the one who decided that he’d rather spend most of the time balking at his assignments. I had him skip one and he plowed through the rest. Thank goodness. All I all we did 2.5 hours of school. That is a win in my book. And we get to do this for 3 more weeks. I might give them spring break off. 😉

I did end up giving the dog a haircut. I don’t know how long it took but tge dog was very obedient. She loved the attention is my guess. She hated her face and feet dinne but didn’t fight me over it.

Evangeline doesn’t know what the dif looks like with short fur and is now scared of her own dog. It would be more comical but I couldn’t put her down the rest of the day without her crying.

Im in a Jane Austen fan group on Facebook and today I saw several people post that Jennifer Ehle (who played Elizabeth Bennett in 1995) was reading Pride and Prejudice on Instagram. I listened to the beginning and she did an excellent job. Not everyone is good at narrating a book. A lot that I have heard are pretty hard to listen to. I woul listen to her read the whole book.

Today I panicked a little due to the earthquake I wasn’t in. Silly but I started to realize how unprepared I really am and wanted to run out to the store and get stuff. Wouldn’t do much good so I convinced myself to just stay put, make a list and go on Friday. I did go fill my van up and plan to keep it full. It made me calm down a bit. By the end of the day I was fine. I also made a big batch of cookie dough as a way to distract myself.

Tomorrow is another day. I’ll try to keep my phone down more. Trying to homeschool when you are worried about family and earthquakes is difficult. Hopefully tomorrow won’t be eventful. I’ll take boring any day.