Daily Life

There is Peace

I don’t think I wrote about this so I will try again.

I had been struggling. I could see myself getting off track. Nothing major but I could feel myself distancing myself from God. I don’t know why exactly. I was being a stubborn and petulant child. I wasn’t enjoying the feeling of it either but my stubborn pride would not let me fix it. I told myself “not now, I’m not ready” which is a very sad mindset. But just like when my children are upset and refuse to be comforted I patiently wait until they are ready. I am sure that my Heavenly Father does the same. How hard it must be for Him to patiently wait for so many of His children who refuse to be comforted to finally- hopefully- come to Him.

I finally am coming back around. It has been four months since we’ve been to church. Church makes it easy. You just show up and share the job of teaching each other. Sometimes you just show up and learn. But at home it is all on me and Alex to teach our children. We made it a priority to have church at home every single Sunday. It is work. It is good work, but it is work. There is no one to carry you along. No one to make sure you do it. It is all on you. It has been an opportunity to see what our priorities are and are we willing to follow Christ when no one else will see it?

Like I said, I was getting off track. I didn’t feel the spirit like I needed to because I wasn’t doing what I needed to. I started doing what I needed to. I started praying more and with more thought and sincerity. I started to study the scriptures more earnestly. I started listening to more uplifting podcasts and religious material. I got back on track and it will be a daily effort to stay there.

In the scriptures Christ commands us to pray always that we will not be tempted. He didn’t say it because it sounded like a good thing to say. He said it because it is imperative. As I follow the news daily I am astonished at how much we need the Gospel of Christ. It really is the only true anchor we have in a world of shifting values and daily changing opinions and “truth”.

It might have been easy to just float along as a Christian up until a few months ago but it feels like we are being sifted now. Where do you stand now? Are you firmly rooted in Christ or are you wish-washy, still trying to grasp the world? It has been interesting to watch these days unfold. It was prophesied that in the last days before Christ would return that men would call good evil and evil good. I never understood how it could be possible really until now. To me it feels like time is running out. Chaos seems to multiply daily and it is time to choose a side. As it says in the scriptures, “Choose you this day whom you will serve.”

I hope that things are going well for any who read this. I hope there is peace in your life. This song is so beautiful and if you have a minute or two to listen to it I highly recommend you do so.

Have a great day!

Daily Life

Struggles and Hope

Today was kind of a lost day in several ways. I was determined to start the day off right. I kind of succeeded. I got two things done. I think I lack direction. Actually, I know I do.

My little Evangeline is beyond adorable, she really is. She is also my only child that requires constant entertaining. Mostly by me. She taken to following me and wanting to be held. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it makes it hard to do anything. I think she’d live summer and exploring but we’re still buried in snow and there’s not much to do outside in the cold. I tried to have her brother take her out for a walk so I could make dinner and do dishes. She cried for me the whole time. I guess this is just the stage we’re in for now.

I was a bit excited today though. I looked at my front garden and where the snow had finally receded my tulips were coming out! They were an inch or two high! I planted them two autumns ago so this will be the second year having them. I love flowers! I get excited remembering all the plants I have in the front garden. Tulips, columbines, a butterfly bush, peppermint, and maybe the lily of the valley will actually come out this year. I think Evangeline would be more likely to have some adventures with something other than white and cold outside. Me, too.

I tried to eat my eating back under control. I’ve been struggling these past two weeks. Sugar addiction is a real thing, it really it. I did okay today and hope I will do better tomorrow. The temptations are all gone out of the house now so if I want it I have to cook them or go shopping. I failed myself but there is always tomorrow and at least it’s only been two weeks and not months or years like before. I think that in life that is the important thing. We are all going to fail and usually multiple times. What matters is not letting that stop you. What matters is trying again and again. What matters is forgiving ourselves for our mistakes and struggles and then getting to work to fix what we messed up. So it’s back at it again for me tomorrow. Isn’t it great that we can give ourselves second chances. Every single day if need be.