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The Chosen Makes You Think

So this past week I finally sat down and watched The Chosen. My husband and I and some of our kids watched it over the course of a few days. It has been awhile since we had a series to watch together. Again, I have pretty high standards. I don’t tolerate much swearing and immorality even though the story “is so good”.

I’d seen this series advertised and I didn’t give it really a second thought. Then I saw a gal I follow on Instagram saying she finally gave it a good try and got hooked and binge watched it multiple times. Okay I thought, I’ll give it a shot. I downloaded the app and started to watch it. I got maybe halfway through the first episode and I was hooked.

It was so good!

Do I think that it is 100% accurate? No. But what I do think is that it is good.

For I remember the word of God which saith by their works ye shall know them; for if their works be good, then they are good also.

Moroni 7:5

I was praying and wondering if it was a good thing and the answer I got was “If it brings you to Christ it is a good thing.” Good enough for me.

I am excited for Season 2. The first one made me cry, made me laugh, and made me feel more of a longing to have more of a relationship with my Savior. He is my elder brother. The Chosen I don’t think took away from the deity of Christ, but rather showed him in more of a 3D perspective. It reminded me that He knows me and loves me and understands what it is like to go through mortality.

So this weekend if you have some time and even if you think you don’t, you should give the show a chance.

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There is Peace

I don’t think I wrote about this so I will try again.

I had been struggling. I could see myself getting off track. Nothing major but I could feel myself distancing myself from God. I don’t know why exactly. I was being a stubborn and petulant child. I wasn’t enjoying the feeling of it either but my stubborn pride would not let me fix it. I told myself “not now, I’m not ready” which is a very sad mindset. But just like when my children are upset and refuse to be comforted I patiently wait until they are ready. I am sure that my Heavenly Father does the same. How hard it must be for Him to patiently wait for so many of His children who refuse to be comforted to finally- hopefully- come to Him.

I finally am coming back around. It has been four months since we’ve been to church. Church makes it easy. You just show up and share the job of teaching each other. Sometimes you just show up and learn. But at home it is all on me and Alex to teach our children. We made it a priority to have church at home every single Sunday. It is work. It is good work, but it is work. There is no one to carry you along. No one to make sure you do it. It is all on you. It has been an opportunity to see what our priorities are and are we willing to follow Christ when no one else will see it?

Like I said, I was getting off track. I didn’t feel the spirit like I needed to because I wasn’t doing what I needed to. I started doing what I needed to. I started praying more and with more thought and sincerity. I started to study the scriptures more earnestly. I started listening to more uplifting podcasts and religious material. I got back on track and it will be a daily effort to stay there.

In the scriptures Christ commands us to pray always that we will not be tempted. He didn’t say it because it sounded like a good thing to say. He said it because it is imperative. As I follow the news daily I am astonished at how much we need the Gospel of Christ. It really is the only true anchor we have in a world of shifting values and daily changing opinions and “truth”.

It might have been easy to just float along as a Christian up until a few months ago but it feels like we are being sifted now. Where do you stand now? Are you firmly rooted in Christ or are you wish-washy, still trying to grasp the world? It has been interesting to watch these days unfold. It was prophesied that in the last days before Christ would return that men would call good evil and evil good. I never understood how it could be possible really until now. To me it feels like time is running out. Chaos seems to multiply daily and it is time to choose a side. As it says in the scriptures, “Choose you this day whom you will serve.”

I hope that things are going well for any who read this. I hope there is peace in your life. This song is so beautiful and if you have a minute or two to listen to it I highly recommend you do so.

Have a great day!

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Gardens and Family

The weekend was so busy!

Friday and Saturday was spent on errand running and yardwork. Usually I am the first one on the block to have my flower garden in. Not this year. I was the last. I don’t think I’ll do that again. The nursery near my house was completely out of flowers. We came home and loaded the kids into the van just to get them out of the house and to make the yearly pilgrimage to our usual nursery for plants. Most of the kids enjoy it. They all get to pick out several flowers for the gardens and they have fun doing it. My flower gardens are never the same color year after year. I also have what I have dubbed my “odd” garden. When the kids pick or random flowers I have no idea what to do with then so I plant them all in this one garden so they can look at their choices. It’s always colorful.

Gardens always look so sparse when the flowers are just babies. (And I did spray those weeds and yes, there is still a lot of work to do. So much work!)

In my front garden- sorry, no pictures yet- I had two daylily plants that have been getting bigger every year. I finally divided them. I dug them out and Alex and I chopped them into three or four each and spread them farther apart in the garden. Yay! Now I’ve got more foliage going on. I’ve just got to wait for the tulips to finish dying back for the year. They are taking forever and look very haggard.

Luckily, the one flowers, Alyssum, that I grow every year reseeded themselves because both nurseries were completely sold out of them.

Enough garden talk.

Sunday, Father’s Day, was pretty laid back. We took our time getting ready for church (actually I hadn’t washed Alex’s white shirt so we waited while it washed) and then finally at noon we had church. Michael gave a talk about the importance of having a father in the home leading and supporting the family. While he was talking a circus broke out. Gideon’s nose started bleeding and it was a bit of a mess. I think Michael kept talking through it all. Haha.

Later Alex made his own dinner. He had a specific meal in mind and made it. I was good and he didn’t make too big of a mess. Marinated chicken cooked on the grill and roasted vegetables and rice. I made oatmeal cookie sandwiches with marshmallow frosting. Bit of a mess because the frosting was sticky but it tasted good.

That morning I had received an email from the family history site I am a member of that said they’d found a hint for a relative. It was the 1900 United States Census. I love looking at the census records. This time was kind of the jackpot in one way but a really upsetting puzzle in another. In this particular census it had my great-great grandparents and their kids. (My dad’s dad’s mom’s parents.) The big shocker was there were two kids on there I didn’t know existed. I’ve been working on this family tree for over 20 years. Technology and indexing (connecting records to people’s name so they are searchable) is making more information available every day. If you haven’t ever indexed you should, it is fun to do.

Anyways, there were two more kids! An eleven year old boy and a one month old girl. The problem came in when that was all the information I could find. Alex and I spent a couple hours looking everywhere. Cemetery records, obituaries, and trying to find the 1890 census that the one kid would have been one year old in. Fruitless pursuit because it turns out that the 1890 census records were badly burned in a fire. The 1910 census we looked at was a sad record. The father had died and the two kids I had found, well their names aren’t listed as living with their widowed mother. The son could possibly be living elsewhere as he would have been 21, but we couldn’t find any mention of him anywhere but that one 1900 census. The baby girl would have been 10 but she was gone also. My great-great grandparents had 11 kids that we know of but only 8 made it to adulthood. It was exciting but incredibly frustrating and sad at the same time.

Before we turned in for the night Alex drew up the plans for the new window we are putting in. I need a drawing of the plans in order to get a permit. When the window guy was here I said I wanted the window to be the same size as the window in my daughters’ room. I had never measured it. Um, I should have. The window doesn’t look that big in the bedroom. It is 60 inches long! Alex drew the outline on the wall where we are putting the window and it takes up most of the wall! Its huge! I mean I am okay with it and that’s good because it is already ordered. I wanted the window for light because that room is dark and I am thinking that big window will definitely do the trick.

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Weekend Ramblings

The weekend started out with busy waiting. In order to save gas money I took Alex to work. We drove the 45 minutes to get him there at 7 a.m. He was off to work whilst I had errands to prepare for. Grocery shopping for two weeks worth of food so I don’t have to go out again anytime soon. I sat in the car in a parking lot and planned the menu while I waited for the stores to open. Sam’s Club opened at 9 so I had two hours to wait. I planned all the meals (tedious- but since they are written in my planner maybe I’ll be smart and reuse them at a later date), I planned the day out, read my scriptures and then called my sister to talk for awhile. I’d left all the kids home with my oldest babysitting. I love having a built in babysitter.

I decided to go to Hobby Lobby first because I needed a couple decorative storage boxes. I walked up and down every single aisle (love that they are open again!) and they didn’t have what I was looking for. But I did find a few things I love and couldn’t resist buying. Then I thought I would check out Tjmaxx and see if they had what I was looking for. Waste of time. It is sad to see a store so empty. The shelves were mostly empty. There were just a few knick-kacks. Hopefully things get back to normal soon.

I finally got to Sam’s and managed to get through in less than an hour. They even had toilet paper stacked super high. And there were no limits on items like the were last time I went.

I picked Alex up and we went and had lunch. There is an Indian restaurant we’d been wanting to go to for years so we had lunch there. This particular restaurant has two locations one was where we were and the other is in our old college town and is connected to a gas station. In spite of the location, it has really good food. The last time we’d gone I was two days away from having my fourth baby and barely fit in the booth- like I had to squeeze myself into the booth and I was pinned between the table and chair back. It was ridiculous but made it memorable. The new coronavirus measures put in place made for an interesting meal but the food was good. What is interesting about Indian cuisine is how it resembles Guatemalan food in flavor. Alex said the flavors are reminiscent of each other because they use a lot of the same ingredients.

Our plan after eating was to go get some new shoes for both of us. We’d worn ours out. I found a new pair of workout shoes and Alex found some comfortable ones for work.

Shopping days aren’t my favorite. It takes so much time. Planning, driving, shopping, driving, and putting it away. Luckily the kids can help with putting it away. I don’t think they mind so much because then they see what I got and can see what they get to eat. They eat so much!

Later I did give two of the boys haircuts and Alex as well. They all needed it. I like when its warm outside so I can cut their hair outside and keep the hair mess outside. Cutting hair is low on my list of things I like to do. Actually it is not even on my list of things I like to do. But when I can save a bunch of money then I’ll do it. Then I can go pay someone to cut my hair soon. It is down below my waist and it is getting a bit out of control. I just don’t know what to do with it.

A storm came blowing in on Saturday afternoon and Alex and I went outside in the windstorm for fun to watch it. The actual rain was just blowing by about a mile to the east so we enjoyed seeing the clouds speed by. The wind gusts would come in waves and I could hear it coming as it whipped through the trees with a low, loud whoosh!

Sunday we had church at home and probably will for a while yet. I can’t see us being able to keep masks on all the kids at church. We’ll see. The lesson I gave was on making good choices and being kind. We had singing time and it was so fun. We went through some longer songs with 7-8 verses and sang them at different speeds. The kids loved it.

Since it was a chilly and rainy afternoon we worked on a puzzle I had been saving. It was an Eric Dowdle puzzle of Old Nauvoo. Alex and I were married in the Nauvoo Temple so it was a fun reminiscent puzzle to do. It was 500 pieces and I’m surprised we got it done in just a couple hours and one sitting.

Before bed we watched a scripture video about what we’ll be studying this coming week. I love all the stories but this is a particularly good one. The kids all sat and watched it and we discussed some of the doctrine if talked about.

Right before it got dark I checked the weather. That storm Alex and I watched, that was a cold front coming in. Snow was forecast for the next morning. Yep. Snow. In June. Alex and I went out and covered the cold sensitive plants- tomatoes and squash. The weather wasn’t supposed to freeze but we covered them just in case. We didn’t want to lose the months of work and have to buy big plants. This is the first year we’ve grown the whole garden from seed rather than get the plants from the store. It’s looking good. We have tons of tomatoes, squash, carrots, cabbage, onions, strawberries, raspberries, and radishes. So many radishes. Alex pickled radishes last week and we have so many more. We have 13 tomato plants. If all goes well, I’ll be super busy canning tomato sauce this fall.

That was the weekend. Just kind of a chill weekend which I am totally okay with.

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It was a Good Sunday

Sunday was a good day. I got up and went for a walk. I only did a half mile but it was Sunday and I needed rest. I only walked for the length of one conference talk. It was a good one- they all are.

You will one day stand aside and look at your difficult times, and you will realize that [Christ] was always there beside you.

-President Thomas Monson

It is true. I’ve seen it in my life.

We did church at home and Evangeline was fussy as usual. Every week she picks church time to be tired. Her normal nap time is two hours later but apparently not on Sunday. So Alex went and put her in her bed while I did singing time with the kids. He was back in less than 5 minutes. She must have been really tired.

For church Alex talked about not just hearing the word, the gospel, but internalizing it and doing it. With the little kids we discussed baptism. Lauren and Sam talked about what they remember about their baptism and Alex and I said what we remember about ours. Gideon is looking forward to his this December when he turns eight.

With the older two boys we talked about the plan of happiness. Our Heavenly Father’s plan of happiness. We went over a few things, they had a couple questions, but it all boiled down to making good choices, being kind and serving those around us- including our family.

Alex’s sister had a few questions about gardening so we decided to go see her and help her out with a few pointers. She has never gardened before and so it will be an experience for her family. Gardens are hard to mess up for the most part. Pulling the plant out when weeding or forgetting to water is about the only way to really mess it up. As long as the plants don’t freeze, they get watered and get some fertilizer (over fertilizing is not good either) they can do their thing. It really is fun. To me at least. I love watching it all grow.

Speaking of gardening, one of our apple trees only had 9 apples last year. This year it has at least 100 blossoms on it. Our plum tree only had 6 plums last year and this year has at least 100 blossoms. It should be a good crop. The apple tree isn’t big enough to hold all the apples that will grow so we’ll have to play it by ear and see what we canet grow. But we’ll have our own apes this year!

Growing up my mom planted peach trees in our backyard. We bottled 90 quarts of peaches one year. A lot of work but so good for a dinner of toast and peaches in the winter. The 90 quarts was just what we canned. We would go out and eat peaches off the tree until we were ready to burst. And the peaches and ice cream! My favorite. I guess I better move back to Utah so I can grow peaches. That is the only thing about living where I do that I don’t like. All the peaches have to be shipped in and they aren’t nearly as good. Nothing beats the taste of fresh off the tree.

Now that I am hungry for peaches, the rest of the day was good. After lunch we sat out on the front steps and enjoyed the sunshine. The kids blew bubbles and that morphed into them playing with the hose and getting wet. It was Evangeline’s first time playing in the hose since it was finally warm enough. She loved it .

For scripture time before bed we watched a video and the kids loved it. They wanted to watch it over and over. I told them how to find it on YouTube. It is called “The Goal: A Story of Faith, Friendship and Forgiveness “. It is super cute and has such a relatable and good message. We had read the scripture it was about with the kids earlier during church and it was great that the video applied it in a way the kids could understand it better.

That was Sunday.

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Over the Weekend


I had planned on having the kids help me with cleaning the whole house and the garage too. It was too much to ask apparently. I tried to get to it all but settled for just the main areas. We didn’t even get to the garage. I have finally learned what Alex has tod me all along- if the adults clean the kids won’t. If I am focused on cleaning then the kids will filter out of the area. I call them back about ten times. I finally just gave up.

My oven parts came though and we were able to fix it and get it working again. Yay! But by the time dinner time hit I had no energy to do anything. We had joined in the worldwide fast and it was a good experience but it left me physically depleted.

Alex had been planning on putting in the garden. I hope his efforts weren’t in vain because the forecast was calling for cold and it delivered it on Sunday. He said it would be fine because the seeds wouldn’t be coming up that fast. We’ll see.

That night we watched the movie Signs. It was fun. I was screaming at the startling parts and it made the kids jump. Some of the kids loved it and others were traumatized. Just kidding. They were all fine. There were no nightmares and they all went to bed just fine.

They were fine because we decorated Easter eggs and it took their minds off it. We decorated 60 eggs. It was fun. Nothing fancy, just the smelly vinegar dye but they were pretty.

Then we tried to get the kids to bed but it took awhile. I needed them asleep so the Easter Bunny wouldn’t have to get up early. The four older ones helped me which is great because they love doing it and I only have to do a fraction of the work.

Alex and I stayed up to finish a movie since all the kids were finally asleep.


We slept in a decent amount. It was a late night but the kids all slept past 8 a.m. We do our “fun” Easter stuff on Saturday so as to preserve the sacredness of the real meaning of Easter for Sunday.

The older kids had hidden the candy filled plastic eggs all over the basement. It was a candy gorging kind of morning. There was bubbles and sidewalk chalk and the kids grabbed them and headed outside. It was all fun while it lasted.

Today I was determined to get the garage cleaned out though and nothing was going to stop me. It was supposed to rain so we had incentive to get moving. And we did it! We got all the stuff moved out, swept, and moved back in. It went faster than it normally does. I even got all the coats and winter stuff stored away. Its mid April. If it gets cold again they can use jackets or just stay in. They are kids, they won’t.

The wind hit that afternoon and the kids had a blast. They said the were going sailing. They used anything they could find that would catch the wind and pull them across the yard. It was fun to watch. Evangeline and I stood on the porch and she just laughed at the kids the whole time.

Michael and I made pizza together for dinner. It was fun. And work. The whole day was work but Michael was awesome about it and helped me the whole day without complaining. That’s the best part of kids growing up, they start to get helpful.

Easter Sunday

We got up and everyone ate cereal and got dressed in their Sunday clothes. Right before we started church (at home) I decided it would be the best time for family pictures. It was freezing and windy outside (deceptively so because it was gorgeous and sunny) so we took pictures on the couch. So many pictures trying to get it right. Dogs and babies are hard to take family pictures with. Whatever we got will be good enough.

We had Sacrament meeting and then we did primary with the kids. Primary and singing time is a bit like herding cats. Oh well.

After that we had class with the older three kids. We read a scripture (2 Nephi 9:7-15) and initially we were having the lesson/discussion go one way but what I love about having church at home is we can go in the direction that the kids need. They had some questions about what we read and so we spent the time explaining and answering their questions.

For dinner we had the obligatory ham, au gratin potatoes and veggies. I made two kinds of rolls, as per the kids request. They wanted to try the empty tomb rolls. You put a marshmallow in the dough, cover it up and bake it. The point is thatttttte marshmallows melt and leave an empty “tomb”. Yeah, they did that but the marshmallow melts into this weird gelatinous clear yellow goo and it doesn’t look good nor does it taste great. We won’t be doing that again.

My sister did send an Easter egg lesson and that was cute. In each egg is a scripture and a little symbol that goes along with it. It was a nice activity to help focus on the Savior.

That afternoon I pulled out the puzzle we’d started Thanksgiving of 2018. It is a bit much to have 9 people working on one puzzle but it was fun and eventually people wandered off. When we needed the table for dinner we put the puzzle in an empty room. The kids would wander in and work on it.

It was a good weekend.

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Rainy Monday

The weather is starting to warm up here in Idaho. We took a drive tonight and we could smell potatoes as we passed the fields. It was dark so we didn’t know if they’d planted yet or just plowed the fields. Either way, it is a good smell. The rain probably strengthened the scent.

I sat down with the kids this morning and we attempted to do some schoolwork. One of Lauren’s teachers informed us that the teachers had been advised to not give anymore new curriculum but to just have review information from here on out. I don’t mind teaching new stuff, it is just the sheer amount that I struggled with. So this will help. I was teaching Lauren about gallon, quart, pint, and cup measuring for math. That I knew and was able to teach. I pulled out a gallon pitcher and canning jars and she figured it out that way pretty quickly. We also finished studying the Civil War and moved on to westward expansion.

I read a blog post today by Kim Holderness. She talked about how introverts thought that this quarantine would be a cake walk. It isn’t and she explained why- its because we never get any alone time to recharge, everyone is home and around us. So this quarantine is hard on everyone in one way or another. We just learn how to deal with it.

I had promised the kids donuts yesterday but we didn’t have time and didn’t need more food. So I made them tonight for Family Home Evening. They were amazing! The kids finished them off really fast.

For our lesson/scripture study tonight we talked about what Easter is and why we celebrate it. We are going to focus on Easter and the atonement and crucifixion and especially resurrection this week leading up to Easter Sunday.

Also, this Friday, Good Friday, we will be participating in a worldwide fast (skipping two meals and praying). We will be fasting for this covid virus to end, the economy and life to normalize and for comfort to all who are suffering from the effects of it all. You are more than welcome to join us.

I’ll end here because it is late and Evangeline, who isn’t a normal sleeper (more about that tomorrow if I remember) needs my attention, apparently.

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Can I Hear Him?

I was looking forward to General Conference, as you well know, and ot was good. The talks were good, I learned from them. I felt like I was missing something though. I felt like I should have felt more, learned more. Does anyone else ever feel like that?

I feel like I’ve been in a spiritual slump. I don’t like it, at all. But I did experience a tiny miracles last night. I needed 10 white handkerchiefs for today (Sunday). It was a last minute thing and I wasn’t going to go to the store to get some. They wouldn’t have any anyways, trust me. I knew we had six in the house. That, was another tiny miracle #1- we’d bought those on a whim years ago and never used them and I knew exact where they were. (With as many people and things as there are in this house we are lucky to be able to find anything.) I knew I had two more I had saved from other occasions, but I had moved them months ago and didn’t know where they were. I looked for a few minutes and couldn’t remember. Then a picture popped into my mind of exactly where they were (miracle #2) I still needed two more. I could probably do without but I wanted them. I knew I had white fabric; I’d been using the fabric to make the boys blankets. The fabric was in the storage room, right on top- no digging (miracle # 3). I wanted to make it pretty to look like my other two and I looked on the next shelf and sitting on top of the basket was the white thread- just what I needed (miracle # 4). And this could be a miracle if you want to count it, but I knew just what to do with it all because I have had tons of practice.

The Lord is in the details. It was important to me, even though it is a simple thing. I was able to hear the still small voice and was quickly able to accomplish something that if I had been left to my own devices would not have happened- it would have been a frustrating endeavor. You could say it was just a coincidence. But I don’t believe that for a second.

It was a spiritual boost that needed so badly. I didn’t need a big neon sign to let me know God loves me. I looked back on the day and there were lots of little moments, lots of little helps and thoughts brought to my mind that all point to God’s love.

Once or twice could be considered a coincidence. 20 plus is not. But like I said, I don’t believe in coincidence anyway.

General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is continued today if you would like to participate. You can watch it here.

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This Whole Word is Overwhelmed

I didn’t write yesterday. I have said this before and I will say it again- I am overwhelmed. I am sure a lot of people are. Stress is hitting us from all sides. All my kids email accounts are connected to mine and as such I am bombarded all day long with emails about assignments and grades and activities for them to do. I don’t know what to do. What I want to do is say forget it all and just have them work on the basics. Reading, math, and maybe music. Would that be horrible? I know the teachers are just trying to do their job but it really is me doing it.

I spent yesterday helping Lauren with her work. She caught up with a couple classes- after a crying meltdown because she felt so far behind. I also started to play catch up on laundry and I got a lot done there. I need to have the kids fold their own after I sort it. Then I baked some peanut butter bars for a snack and pretzels and hot dogs for dinner. It wasn’t my best effort but it was edible.

What I did spend a lot of time on yesterday was studying the scriptures. I needed it. I learned a lot about the priesthood (God’s authority given to man), I studied a bit in the Book of Revelation, and stuff like that. Alex even joined in when he got home while dinner was baking.

Listening to the number on the news about the virus and its devastating effects on the world’s people and also the economy is depressing. It is stressful. It is agonizing especially for those that are in the thick of it and losing loved ones. It makes me feel pitiful complaining about school. This morning I read an article where a member of my church, an apostle of the Lord actually, said this:

“He who created this marvelous world in which we live can say to any of the elements in it: ‘This far and no farther.’ That is what He will say to this blight we are facing. In the presence of His majesty, even subatomic-sized creations must bend—if only figuratively—and each in its own way ‘confess’ that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, the great Redeemer of all. Under the direction of His Father, the Savior is in charge of the destiny of this world. We are in very sure and loving hands.”

– Elder Jeffery R. Holland

How much hope that brings! It puts things into perspective.

I’m going to try and get through the day with a more positive attitude. If stuff doesn’t get done it doesn’t get done. I want to use this time to enjoy and teach my kids.

Daily Life

Normal Feeling Day

After Evangeline went to sleep late we thought she would sleep in. Nope. Before 5 a.m. she was awake. Noah had come in during the night and he was awake, too. So was I. Alex slept longer. All my kids are late risers- except for today. Everyone was up before 6. Why?!

The babies sat on my lap at 6:30 and fell asleep. So I was stuck for awhile. While I sat I planned my outing. Since I am trying to stay out of the crowds I needed to make the most of my trip so I don’t have to go out again. I planned the menu and shopping list. I decided to go early so I would be home when Alex was. It was a good idea because everyone else started to file into the stores as I was leaving.

I got food for 2 weeks as well as some emergency preparedness stuff since the earthquake made me take stock.

Then I went to the craft store. They have one more week until they close. What a time to go out of business. I was torn between staying home safe and getting a good deal. I chose to get the deal. There is only one case of coronavirus in the town and it is a male college student so I figured all the local old ladies that were there would be safe to be around. Still, I was wary. But let me tell you of the haul I got. 90-95% off. Um, I couldn’t pass it up. In the end I only paid $35 for the cart full and saved $550! That is insane! Tell me that wasn’t worth it. I got picture frames, a blanket and scarves, bolts of fabric and seasonal decor for Saint Patrick’s Day and Easter. The fabric I’ll use for dresses for the little girls and aprons for all of us girls. There were ladies there with bolts and bolts of fabric. I didn’t get that much, just 2. It was on sale but you had to buy the whole bolt. I’m glad I went and got the Christmas fabric the other night when I could get it in just a yard at a time. Bolts of Christmas fabric would be too much for me.

I got home and Michael helped me unload. Then we made two big sandwiches (french bread loaf) for lunch. It’s my favorite. For dinner we had hamburgers. I had planned it for another day and was going to make the buns but we changed our mind and ran to the store. Still out of tp. Ridiculous.

Alex, Evangeline and I were at the store together and we decided to call it our date. We went and got a soda at the drive thru and then parked overlooking the river. It wasn’t much but what are you going to do when you’ve only got 15-20 minutes and pretty much everywhere is closed and you’ve got to go home and make dinner for the kids? We stopped at Redbox and got the movie Abominable and Spiderman Far From Home. And we got a giant bag of theater popcorn to make a fun night of it.

So that was the day. It felt pretty normal for us and that was nice. I decided that Fridays we wouldn’t have school. Just do a four day week. I asked the kids how they were holding up and they said okay except they couldn’t go anywhere. They never go anywhere but school but I realized they miss their friends they hang out with at school everyday. Hopefully it doesn’t last too much longer.

A lady from my church called me to see how I was doing. I told her I was good and asked how she was. She said she’d returned early from a trip to Maine visiting her daughter. There were only 6 people on the plane. It was like having a private jet (but not nearly as nice). Because of the airport in Salt Lake being closed due to earthquake damage her plane had to divert to Jackson Hole. Not bad. She didn’t have far to get home from there.

Anyways, she asked me how my friends were doing and I said they were fine but needed to check in with them. I’d forgotten but then to ight I got a call from one of my friends. She was checking up on me and it was nice to know that someone cares. It reminded me and I texted my friends to see if they were okay and if they needed anything. In my church we are assigned people to minister to. I’m just lucky that they are all my friends. I’m really grateful to be a member of the church. I was thinking about it today and being the extreme introvert that I am I really wouldn’t have any friends if it wasn’t for church. I would never meet anyone. It’s true. I would never have met any of the people I interact with if it weren’t for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Call me weird but I am so very grateful for it. I wouldn’t have met my husband either. We met in church. Haha.

My Grampa called me today. His caretaker had been reading my blog to him. I figured it was a good way for him to keep up with my family. It was good to talk to him.

I’m going to leave off here and go finish the movies with my kids. It’s hard to type with Noah and Gideon on my lap anyways.