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The Chosen Makes You Think

So this past week I finally sat down and watched The Chosen. My husband and I and some of our kids watched it over the course of a few days. It has been awhile since we had a series to watch together. Again, I have pretty high standards. I don’t tolerate much swearing and immorality even though the story “is so good”.

I’d seen this series advertised and I didn’t give it really a second thought. Then I saw a gal I follow on Instagram saying she finally gave it a good try and got hooked and binge watched it multiple times. Okay I thought, I’ll give it a shot. I downloaded the app and started to watch it. I got maybe halfway through the first episode and I was hooked.

It was so good!

Do I think that it is 100% accurate? No. But what I do think is that it is good.

For I remember the word of God which saith by their works ye shall know them; for if their works be good, then they are good also.

Moroni 7:5

I was praying and wondering if it was a good thing and the answer I got was “If it brings you to Christ it is a good thing.” Good enough for me.

I am excited for Season 2. The first one made me cry, made me laugh, and made me feel more of a longing to have more of a relationship with my Savior. He is my elder brother. The Chosen I don’t think took away from the deity of Christ, but rather showed him in more of a 3D perspective. It reminded me that He knows me and loves me and understands what it is like to go through mortality.

So this weekend if you have some time and even if you think you don’t, you should give the show a chance.

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Last Day of (Elementary) School

I got a late start this morning because my stomach was bothering me. Never fun.

It is finally warm enough to walk without a jacket and the dog was up early barking at the backyard. The neighbor’s yorkie was running around my chicken coops. I headed out and there was nothing I could do but wait for my dog to chase it out, which she did. They get along just fine but Skylar is protective of everything. I fed the chicks and cats and took off on my walk. One of the cats came, too. I am sure I looked ridiculous walking around the track with a cat following me. She followed the entire half mile before I was done being followed and went home. She followed me home. Actually, I followed her. Weird cat.

School assignment deadlines are on Friday. Lauren had one class’ worksheets to finish and turn in. There was lots of drama. So much drama. It seems the kids all pitch a fit until they realize I really will sit next to them all day long so they might as well buckle down and get it done. She did. All done and turned in with a minute to spare before the school was done for the day and locked up.

It wore me out though having to sit there and listen to her chattering and reading out loud and thinking out loud for 2 hours. But she is officially dinne with elementary school. It is off to junior high for her next year. And then another starts elementary school. They are growing up so fast! I’ll worry about all that in a few months. I’m going to enjoy the summer.

But, after dealing with the last few weeks and months I’ve decided I just can’t do homeschool unless it is my only option. I could get organized, I could get the curriculum all set to go, but some of my kids and I clash. One child takes instruction from others great but from me it is a battle and always has been. She has to do it herself. So I am realizing it just won’t work. I can be a support and cheerleader and help that way.

With the weather warmed up finally I need to get the summer clothes out of storage, store the winter clothes and take stock of what I need to buy. But first the garage needs to be cleaned so i can get to the boxes. I have this dream of taking everything out of the garage, cobbled shelves, scavenged cupboards, etc., everything! And starting over with a nice organized garage system. I can tell you that will not be happening anytime soon. But I can dream!

Nothing much else got done. The kids had fun and Evangeline made messes because that’s what a one year old does.

I had made bread earlier in the day and it was fantastic. Softest bread! It made for really good peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It all got eaten so I’ve got to make more. I wish I had an outdoor oven though because without an air conditioner the house gets so hot.

The kids’ elementary school had a drive by parade tonight. The teachers all stood lined up in front of the school and the students would be in the cars and drive by. My van is a fishbowl and I noticed the teachers laughing. We looked back and the kids were all smashing their faces against the windows. That would look funny. It was a fun way to say goodbye for the year.

After we got home from the parade Alex sat down to watch Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It is one of his favorites. I watched for a bit but left to do something that needed doing. Of course I got distracted and ended up folding laundry. Then Noah asked me to go outside and sit on the hammocks with him. Sure thing. I went outside, watered the garden and then asked Noah which one he wanted to sit on. He told me he would sit on one and I would sit on another. Okay. If that’s how he wants it. He eventually did end up sitting next to me.

Bedtime went smoothly but Gideon woke us up crying about growing pains. I really wish he would grow ot of their has been going on for years. At least they are less frequent now. I got up (at 1:30 a.m. mind you) to help him. As I walked him to the stairs I looked into the basement and saw another kid walk by. I’m going to have to take away all the electronics. Apparently some of them are staying up way too late.

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Friday was Better than Thursday

Friday morning I got an early start. Evangeline woke me up at 4:30 and I couldn’t get back to sleep. It’s fine. I got up and got going shortly after and made breakfast for Alex and I and as soon as I sat down to eat Evangeline woke up again. An hour later I managed to eat a cold breakfast alone because Alex had gone to work and everyone else was asleep.

Most of the morning was spent holding little kids. After I got in from my walk Noah wanted to sit on my lap and then he promptly fell asleep. I just held him for awhile. They grow up so fast so I hold them when I get a chance.

I got a bit of stuff done. I decluttered an area of the kitchen and the entry closet shelf where everything seems to collect. I put everything where it was supposed to go and threw a few things away. I will say that it was wonderful that the awkwardness of the day before was gone. I didn’t drop anything all day and it felt like a normal day. It seems to work better that way.

When Alex got home we decided to go on a date. Lunch dates seem to work the best. And my favorite restaurant had opened the dining room this week. Yay! The only difference was that there was no bucket of peanuts on the table to eat and no condiments on the table. Alright, not a big deal. I am sure they would have brought some had I asked. But the food was good and it was good to go out and sit down to eat somewhere that wasn’t the car.

In light of the fact that we are going to be redoing the whole kitchen very soon (just waiting on the bank to slowly process everything) I asked  if Alex wanted to go look at furniture, appliances mainly. I have been looking online for what I might want, features, sizes, etc. It was good to go out and see them in the store to get a better idea of how it would work. We also sat on like a bunch of couches. We would love to get new couches, ours are over 13 and 20 years old but with kids and how good they mind and wash their hands and feet I think we’ll stick with what we have until they grow up a little bit more. Not to mention the dog. Though, there is a couch at IKEA that the cover comes off so I could wash it when I want. Hmmm. Either way, I would have to save up for it.

After the furniture store we went grocery shopping. I have been working on my family’s finances this week. I have been studying a program, Budget Boot Camp, (free for the month of May) and I have been putting some of the principles into practice. So when we were planning our weekly menu I had the budget in mind. Guess what? I stuck to the budget! I really need to because getting to the end of the money before the end of the month is no fun. Plus, my goal is to pay off all the student loans and the house in less than 10 years and that isn’t possible without a plan. So wish us luck.

When we got home we made pizza for dinner- the usual Friday night fare. I had leftover taco meat from the taco salad we’d had earlier in the week and thought I would try and make a taco pizza. It was so good! I will definitely be making it again. Elizabeth saw me spreading beans on the dough and thought I had lost my mind. We had a little fun with that. Afterwards we watched a movie we had rented, Dr. Doolittle, the new one, and I was so tired I fell asleep in the middle of it. Evangeline had fallen asleep in my arms so I took her upstairs and we went to bed and let everyone else finish that movie and then the other movie, Sonic, that we’d rented. Sam had gotten a free rental from school so we used that and he was excited to be able to contribute.

This morning, Saturday, I was up early, 6:30 and I looked outside. Snow on the ground and it was still snowing! Great start to the holiday weekend. But it could be worse. My neighbor and her family have an annual camping trip/family reunion that has been going on for like 100 years. They get to camp in the cold, rain and snow this weekend. Glad it isn’t me. I just hope my garden and apple trees survive the snow. We’ll see in a bit.

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Saturday Stuff

One thing we have been doing around here is gardening. Alex planted the cold crops: cabbage, radish, broccoli, etc. So many radishes. They are easy to grow so why not. These radishes are special because they came from a radish we planted last year and harvested the seeds from. That’s the first time we’ve done that.

We cleaned and cleaned today. Well, I did. Does it look like it? Not really. Kids are really messy. Mine are anyways.

Today was also haircut day. Alex cut the boys hair, I cut bangs for Lauren and then I cut Alex’s hair. It had been awhile so all the kids look so different now. Except Benjamin because he won’t let us touch his hair. Fine by me. Not a hill I’m willing to die on. Alex on the other hand went all the way with the haircut. Really short and he shaved off his beard. He looks 10 years younger and unrecognizable to our youngest daughter. She was scared of him all day. I had to change all the diapers, hold her, do everything for her that he would normally help with on Saturday because she wouldn’t let him near her. Eventually she let him hold her but she wouldn’t look at him. I’m glad I got it on video.

The chicken is still alive, if you were interested to know. Alex gave her another warm bath and she calmly sat in it. Hopefully she heals quickly.

I had Alex go for a walk with me this morning. I am sure onlookers thought it was the weirdest looking walk. We would be together then half a length apart, fast then slow and also dodging the dog in between because she couldn’t figure out who to walk next to. I prefer to walk by myself I decided. I can talk to my sister on the phone or listen to music or podcasts and go at my own pace for as long as I want. But I will never say no to walking with my best friend (Alex) even if the pace is a bit erratic.

We watched the 2019 version of Nancy Drew. I loved it. It was cute and Lauren now wants to read the books. Yay! My mom has a lot of the books so we can borrow them maybe when all things are back to normal-ish.

I had to stay up late Saturday night. I forgot to make bread for the sacrament on Sunday. We quickly made a batch and have to stay up to bake it. At least we can sleep in.

Elizabeth had a breakout of eczema this week. None of my kids have ever had it so I knew it had to be an allergic reaction. It couldn’t be from washing her hands because that would effect both hands. I was talking to my mom and she said I should give her vitamins. Light bulb moment! The only thing that had changed was that we’d started giving the kids a new vitamin this week. It had to be it. She has to be allergic to something in the vitamins. So I explained that we were going to do an experiment and see if it makes a difference. She has been off from them for 2 days now and her hand is healing, the rash is going away. I will not be buying that brand again.

That is what we’ve been up to. Im looking forward to a relaxing Sunday.

Daily Life

What a Day

I got up this morning (Friday) and I went for a walk. I took the dog with me this time and she is enjoyed it. Since I got her the new harness and retractable leash she is so much better behaved. She stays right next to me and ignores everything that would normally distract her. As we were walking to the high school track one of the cats was following us. She followed us all the way to the neighbor’s fence where I picked her up to carry her past the neighbor’s dogs. I put her down on the gravel at the playground by the track and she just stood there and meowed at me. I gave in and started walking home. The cat led the way. Every few meters or so she would stop and turn around to make sure I was following her. We made it back to the house and I fed her and her sister in the garage and she let me go on my walk. Such a silly cat.

When Alex got home around noon I had him help me with the school stuff. We had all the kids in the “classroom” and we both supervised two kids each and another child used the computer in the basement. She is the only one I trust to keep at her work without supervision. It took hours but they got a lot done. I am proud of Benjamin because even though he hated it he begrudgingly did it and he got all of his assignments done except the book report that is due next week. He’s all caught up now.

The day before when we went to check on the chickens we noticed one wasn’t acting right. We did some research and got the bird into the “hot tub”. It was just a bin with warm water and Epsom salt. We soaked her bum because she looks to have one of two conditions and neither are good. She looks miserable. We’ll give her a good soak twice a day and hopefully that clears it up. Poor thing.

In the mail the parts to repair the broken couch came. I had planned on doing it myself but Alex did most of it. He replaced the springs. I will do the fabric covering next. But we can comfortably sit on it again! If I catch the kids jumping on it they will be in trouble.

While Alex and I were taking the staples out to fix the couch Noah came and stood next to me and started messing with my hair. This is fairly normal for the kids to do. My hair is over two feet long. After a minute or so I turned to look at him and he had scissors in his hands and was about to cut my hair! Three/four year olds are adorable but they are also terrors! I’m so glad I turned around before he did any major damage. He said he got a few hairs cut. You really have to keep a close eye on kids because you never know what will go on in their heads.

When I’d ordered the parts to the couch (three weeks ago) I also ordered one of my favorite movies, “Babe“, the pig movie. It is such a cute, fun movie. It came yesterday (I’d intended it for Easter but delivery being what it is nowadays) so we sat as a family and watched it while we fixed the couch.

I had made the peanut butter cookies with Hershey’s kisses on them for the movie night. The kids ate them okay but it always annoys me when the just lick the chocolate off them and leave a soggy cookie. Evangeline was sitting on my lap watching the movie and getting cookie crumbs all over me. She finally paid attention to the movie and noticed the animals were talking. She is one so it was fun to see her amazement as she pointed and giggled at the tv.

Today is Saturday and other than the usual cleaning we haven’t got much planned. Yesterday I asked the kids if they wanted to go on a drive. The fourteen year old nodded his head enthusiastically. I said if we went to the store he couldn’t go in. He said that’s fine, he just wants to go somewhere- anywhere. He’s tired of being cooped up. When a teenage boy who never wants to go anywhere wants to go somewhere you know he’s getting fed up. He even went out and played with the cat. He gave the dog a bath yesterday too to get out of homework- hahaha!

So we’ll see what happens today. Oh yeah, we’d planned on doing haircuts. Not my favorite but Alex said he’d do all but his own. That he’ll leave to me.

Daily Life

Over the Weekend


I had planned on having the kids help me with cleaning the whole house and the garage too. It was too much to ask apparently. I tried to get to it all but settled for just the main areas. We didn’t even get to the garage. I have finally learned what Alex has tod me all along- if the adults clean the kids won’t. If I am focused on cleaning then the kids will filter out of the area. I call them back about ten times. I finally just gave up.

My oven parts came though and we were able to fix it and get it working again. Yay! But by the time dinner time hit I had no energy to do anything. We had joined in the worldwide fast and it was a good experience but it left me physically depleted.

Alex had been planning on putting in the garden. I hope his efforts weren’t in vain because the forecast was calling for cold and it delivered it on Sunday. He said it would be fine because the seeds wouldn’t be coming up that fast. We’ll see.

That night we watched the movie Signs. It was fun. I was screaming at the startling parts and it made the kids jump. Some of the kids loved it and others were traumatized. Just kidding. They were all fine. There were no nightmares and they all went to bed just fine.

They were fine because we decorated Easter eggs and it took their minds off it. We decorated 60 eggs. It was fun. Nothing fancy, just the smelly vinegar dye but they were pretty.

Then we tried to get the kids to bed but it took awhile. I needed them asleep so the Easter Bunny wouldn’t have to get up early. The four older ones helped me which is great because they love doing it and I only have to do a fraction of the work.

Alex and I stayed up to finish a movie since all the kids were finally asleep.


We slept in a decent amount. It was a late night but the kids all slept past 8 a.m. We do our “fun” Easter stuff on Saturday so as to preserve the sacredness of the real meaning of Easter for Sunday.

The older kids had hidden the candy filled plastic eggs all over the basement. It was a candy gorging kind of morning. There was bubbles and sidewalk chalk and the kids grabbed them and headed outside. It was all fun while it lasted.

Today I was determined to get the garage cleaned out though and nothing was going to stop me. It was supposed to rain so we had incentive to get moving. And we did it! We got all the stuff moved out, swept, and moved back in. It went faster than it normally does. I even got all the coats and winter stuff stored away. Its mid April. If it gets cold again they can use jackets or just stay in. They are kids, they won’t.

The wind hit that afternoon and the kids had a blast. They said the were going sailing. They used anything they could find that would catch the wind and pull them across the yard. It was fun to watch. Evangeline and I stood on the porch and she just laughed at the kids the whole time.

Michael and I made pizza together for dinner. It was fun. And work. The whole day was work but Michael was awesome about it and helped me the whole day without complaining. That’s the best part of kids growing up, they start to get helpful.

Easter Sunday

We got up and everyone ate cereal and got dressed in their Sunday clothes. Right before we started church (at home) I decided it would be the best time for family pictures. It was freezing and windy outside (deceptively so because it was gorgeous and sunny) so we took pictures on the couch. So many pictures trying to get it right. Dogs and babies are hard to take family pictures with. Whatever we got will be good enough.

We had Sacrament meeting and then we did primary with the kids. Primary and singing time is a bit like herding cats. Oh well.

After that we had class with the older three kids. We read a scripture (2 Nephi 9:7-15) and initially we were having the lesson/discussion go one way but what I love about having church at home is we can go in the direction that the kids need. They had some questions about what we read and so we spent the time explaining and answering their questions.

For dinner we had the obligatory ham, au gratin potatoes and veggies. I made two kinds of rolls, as per the kids request. They wanted to try the empty tomb rolls. You put a marshmallow in the dough, cover it up and bake it. The point is thatttttte marshmallows melt and leave an empty “tomb”. Yeah, they did that but the marshmallow melts into this weird gelatinous clear yellow goo and it doesn’t look good nor does it taste great. We won’t be doing that again.

My sister did send an Easter egg lesson and that was cute. In each egg is a scripture and a little symbol that goes along with it. It was a nice activity to help focus on the Savior.

That afternoon I pulled out the puzzle we’d started Thanksgiving of 2018. It is a bit much to have 9 people working on one puzzle but it was fun and eventually people wandered off. When we needed the table for dinner we put the puzzle in an empty room. The kids would wander in and work on it.

It was a good weekend.

Daily Life

Normal Feeling Day

After Evangeline went to sleep late we thought she would sleep in. Nope. Before 5 a.m. she was awake. Noah had come in during the night and he was awake, too. So was I. Alex slept longer. All my kids are late risers- except for today. Everyone was up before 6. Why?!

The babies sat on my lap at 6:30 and fell asleep. So I was stuck for awhile. While I sat I planned my outing. Since I am trying to stay out of the crowds I needed to make the most of my trip so I don’t have to go out again. I planned the menu and shopping list. I decided to go early so I would be home when Alex was. It was a good idea because everyone else started to file into the stores as I was leaving.

I got food for 2 weeks as well as some emergency preparedness stuff since the earthquake made me take stock.

Then I went to the craft store. They have one more week until they close. What a time to go out of business. I was torn between staying home safe and getting a good deal. I chose to get the deal. There is only one case of coronavirus in the town and it is a male college student so I figured all the local old ladies that were there would be safe to be around. Still, I was wary. But let me tell you of the haul I got. 90-95% off. Um, I couldn’t pass it up. In the end I only paid $35 for the cart full and saved $550! That is insane! Tell me that wasn’t worth it. I got picture frames, a blanket and scarves, bolts of fabric and seasonal decor for Saint Patrick’s Day and Easter. The fabric I’ll use for dresses for the little girls and aprons for all of us girls. There were ladies there with bolts and bolts of fabric. I didn’t get that much, just 2. It was on sale but you had to buy the whole bolt. I’m glad I went and got the Christmas fabric the other night when I could get it in just a yard at a time. Bolts of Christmas fabric would be too much for me.

I got home and Michael helped me unload. Then we made two big sandwiches (french bread loaf) for lunch. It’s my favorite. For dinner we had hamburgers. I had planned it for another day and was going to make the buns but we changed our mind and ran to the store. Still out of tp. Ridiculous.

Alex, Evangeline and I were at the store together and we decided to call it our date. We went and got a soda at the drive thru and then parked overlooking the river. It wasn’t much but what are you going to do when you’ve only got 15-20 minutes and pretty much everywhere is closed and you’ve got to go home and make dinner for the kids? We stopped at Redbox and got the movie Abominable and Spiderman Far From Home. And we got a giant bag of theater popcorn to make a fun night of it.

So that was the day. It felt pretty normal for us and that was nice. I decided that Fridays we wouldn’t have school. Just do a four day week. I asked the kids how they were holding up and they said okay except they couldn’t go anywhere. They never go anywhere but school but I realized they miss their friends they hang out with at school everyday. Hopefully it doesn’t last too much longer.

A lady from my church called me to see how I was doing. I told her I was good and asked how she was. She said she’d returned early from a trip to Maine visiting her daughter. There were only 6 people on the plane. It was like having a private jet (but not nearly as nice). Because of the airport in Salt Lake being closed due to earthquake damage her plane had to divert to Jackson Hole. Not bad. She didn’t have far to get home from there.

Anyways, she asked me how my friends were doing and I said they were fine but needed to check in with them. I’d forgotten but then to ight I got a call from one of my friends. She was checking up on me and it was nice to know that someone cares. It reminded me and I texted my friends to see if they were okay and if they needed anything. In my church we are assigned people to minister to. I’m just lucky that they are all my friends. I’m really grateful to be a member of the church. I was thinking about it today and being the extreme introvert that I am I really wouldn’t have any friends if it wasn’t for church. I would never meet anyone. It’s true. I would never have met any of the people I interact with if it weren’t for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Call me weird but I am so very grateful for it. I wouldn’t have met my husband either. We met in church. Haha.

My Grampa called me today. His caretaker had been reading my blog to him. I figured it was a good way for him to keep up with my family. It was good to talk to him.

I’m going to leave off here and go finish the movies with my kids. It’s hard to type with Noah and Gideon on my lap anyways.

Daily Life

Another Weekend is Over. It was a Good One.

I was busy, as you’ll read, so you get a weekend post.


This morning I got up and after my daily planning and stuff I went to the basement to spend time with my kids. There was a huge stack of boxes sitting by the wood stove. Today is the day, I told myself. Oh my goodness. That cardboard put off a ton of heat. The basement is now toasty warm and I am struggling to get the last boxes burned because the space around the stove is insanely hot! The heat has even made it upstairs. One time I had a friend that said I should recycle the cardboard. I am, I said. I used it to warm my house up to keep my kids warm.

As I was putting my shoes on my dog came and stood in front of me, as usual. I can’t make a move without her being 2 feet away from me at all times. I was thinking that her love language is touch and words of affirmation. Hahaha. Oh, and an update on our limping cat. She isn’t limping anymore but Benjamin found shes had broken a claw on another of her paws. What is this cat doing to get injured? She fine though so no worries there.

After school Alex and Benjamin met Michael at the school to work on the cardboard piano they are making for the play. Benjamin had fun and said he’d go next week to help also.

After they were done we all piled into the van to go to the cousins house but first we needed to get the foot of snow off the roof. I thought it might be a bit dangerous to have it fly off as we drive down the highway. I was going to go to the end of my street (which is a dead end) and have the boys shovel the snow off into the plowed pile. Alex told me to drive and stop fast. That did the trick. Twice. It is a long van and a lot of snow. It’s always fun to watch snow slide off the car onto the windshield.

We then drove to the cousins house for the monthly cousins/family movie night. We had tacos and they were so good. My sister-in-law did a good job planning it. The kids watched the live action Dora movie and the live action Lion King. The adults watched the movie Belle. It was a good movie. Michael was exhausted (teenager) and slept on my shoulder the whole time. Evangeline fell asleep on me, too. I didn’t realize it was as late as it was until we got in the van to go home and it was 10:30! It takes us about 30 minutes to get home so it was a late night. But before we could go home we had to get the van unstuck. We got stuck in the snow. It took 5 people to push the 15 passenger van out of the ice rut the tires had created. I am so over winter.


We slept in! Saturday is the only day we get to. We all got up, made german pancakes, and then cleaned the house. Michael had friends coming over to work on a history project for school and didn’t want to be embarrassed. I don’t blame him!

Alex and I then left for our weekly date. We left the baby asleep and Lauren watching her. Lauren said she woke up after 10 minutes. Not possible. She normally sleeps for hours! Lauren said, “Okay, it could have been an hour, I wasn’t watching the clock.”

Alex and I stopped at the local thrift store. Michael needed a suit jacket for the play and he also needed some longer church pants. We found both! I do have to hem up the pants but they will work.

Then we went out to eat. We decided to try the Mongolian Grill. The first time we went there it was their soft opening. It was crowded and chaotic and the restaurants system was still being worked out. This time it was empty and slow (still early-ish on a Saturday). The food was okay but I won’t be going there again. Not nearly good enough food for the price. The Mongolian Grill in the town where Alex works, though it is a hole in the wall, is so much better.

And, as usual, we had to top the date off with a trip to Walmart to get essentials. Lame, but that is life. We came home, made pizza for dinner and then went to bed early.


I was up early today! Well, early for a Sunday. 5:30. I planned on serving beef stew for lunch for the family gathering we were having. I got it cooking and then we got everyone up and ready for church on time.

Edgar spoke in church about his experience with joining the church and how it has changed his life for the better. He said had he kept hanging out with the friends he had before he joined the church he would be doing the same thing they are which is drugs, drinking, and prayer. He is such a good kid so it is good that he made the good choices he did. I can’t imagine him living a life like he said he would have been.

After church all the cousins and in-laws came over for lunch. There was plenty of food and plenty of dessert. I was a bit upset because the stew wasn’t cooked enough. I’ve made better. It needed more time but everyone was “starving” so whatever, go ahead and eat. Later Alex brought home an assortment of cookies from Edgar’s mission farewell open house that a friend had thrown for him. The cookies along with the cheesecake and brownies from lunch sorely tested my willpower. I didn’t eat any though. I am determined this time to lose all the weight so I can move on to getting something else done. I hit 20 pounds lost on Saturday and I am not going to ruin all that progress for a cookie.

This afternoon as we were just sitting around, Noah came up to me and said, “My nose hurts. I ‘bless-youd’ too hard. I need a bandaid.”  Hahahaha. He kept saying that the rest of the day. I love little kid words.

Before bed we read scriptures and the kids had turned on the google chrome so we cast my phone to the tv and looked at all the old pictures and videos on my phone. That was fun way to spend the evening. We need to do that more often.

Well, that was the weekend in a nutshell. It was a good weekend.