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There is Peace

I don’t think I wrote about this so I will try again.

I had been struggling. I could see myself getting off track. Nothing major but I could feel myself distancing myself from God. I don’t know why exactly. I was being a stubborn and petulant child. I wasn’t enjoying the feeling of it either but my stubborn pride would not let me fix it. I told myself “not now, I’m not ready” which is a very sad mindset. But just like when my children are upset and refuse to be comforted I patiently wait until they are ready. I am sure that my Heavenly Father does the same. How hard it must be for Him to patiently wait for so many of His children who refuse to be comforted to finally- hopefully- come to Him.

I finally am coming back around. It has been four months since we’ve been to church. Church makes it easy. You just show up and share the job of teaching each other. Sometimes you just show up and learn. But at home it is all on me and Alex to teach our children. We made it a priority to have church at home every single Sunday. It is work. It is good work, but it is work. There is no one to carry you along. No one to make sure you do it. It is all on you. It has been an opportunity to see what our priorities are and are we willing to follow Christ when no one else will see it?

Like I said, I was getting off track. I didn’t feel the spirit like I needed to because I wasn’t doing what I needed to. I started doing what I needed to. I started praying more and with more thought and sincerity. I started to study the scriptures more earnestly. I started listening to more uplifting podcasts and religious material. I got back on track and it will be a daily effort to stay there.

In the scriptures Christ commands us to pray always that we will not be tempted. He didn’t say it because it sounded like a good thing to say. He said it because it is imperative. As I follow the news daily I am astonished at how much we need the Gospel of Christ. It really is the only true anchor we have in a world of shifting values and daily changing opinions and “truth”.

It might have been easy to just float along as a Christian up until a few months ago but it feels like we are being sifted now. Where do you stand now? Are you firmly rooted in Christ or are you wish-washy, still trying to grasp the world? It has been interesting to watch these days unfold. It was prophesied that in the last days before Christ would return that men would call good evil and evil good. I never understood how it could be possible really until now. To me it feels like time is running out. Chaos seems to multiply daily and it is time to choose a side. As it says in the scriptures, “Choose you this day whom you will serve.”

I hope that things are going well for any who read this. I hope there is peace in your life. This song is so beautiful and if you have a minute or two to listen to it I highly recommend you do so.

Have a great day!

Daily Life

What Day is it?

If you are wondering if you misssed yesterday’s post there wasn’t one. Yesterday was a hard day. The whole situation just got to me- staying home, messy messy house, weird smells (chicks are still in the laundry room bathroom because I tried to take them out to the garage over the weekend but it wouldn’t stay warm enough so they are still stinking up my house until it warms up a bit. We got snow this morning if that tells you anything) and I was just fed up with everything.

Depression hit and I struggled to do anything. I tried to read a book I enjoy, tried to crochet and watch a movie with the kids, etc. I just couldn’t motivate myself. Those days are just hard. I try but at least the hope of tomorrow helps me get through it. I made a bit of soup that I knew the kids wouldn’t eat but Alex and I would and Michael and Evangeline ate it. I had the younger kids make french toast for themselves. It was good because they learned to do it and I didn’t have to. I sat and played some songs on the piano that I hadn’t played in probably a year or more. Some classical sonatinas that I learned when I was 17 that I love love love playing. I like playing them fast and a million notes. It boosted my mood a bit and I was able to get myself to clean the kitchen and basement and have everyone help me.

After the basement was cleaned we watched the Lego 2 Movie. It was a fun cute movie even if we stayed up too late to watch it. I worked on my crocheting while we watched. I am making Christmas presents now so I am not rushing to do them in December. I have been working on them while I sit with the kids doing their school work. It helps me feel like I am accomplishing something, which I am. Multitasking at it’s finest.

This morning when I got up I got to work. The kids were all asleep and I took advantage and matched socks. I had so much laundry to do. But I did get the big boys to sit and do their schoolwork. While we were sitting and working I got a call from on of my son’s teachers. Ironically the class we were working on. She said that she wanted to inform me that one of the answers to the questions she wanted explained he had answered, “no, duh”. I admit, I laughed. I understand where she is coming from, she takes her job seriously and that is great. But I was sitting there when he wrote it and I let it slide because that was a hard hard day. I sat with him for hours doing everything that I could to get him to do anything. He got all the work done. He had a bad attitude the whole time. I had to explain that not everything is going to be fun; unfortunately we have to jump through the hoops.

Today, in spite of the rain, snow, and teachers calling, it was a good day. We didn’t get a lot of school stuff done but the fact that we did any at all is a win. I had other house stuff to do. I needed to get laundry done or Alex would have nothing to wear tomorrow. Today I told Gideon to get dressed as he was running around in his sister’s robe because he said he had no clean or dirty clothes to wear. Um, that’s not possible. The pile of clothes in his room had to be one or the other.

Today was also another day of barely get the baby to sleep and the kids wake her up every single time. So frustrating.

It could be worse. My brother’s son got a hold of the dish soap and while his mother was feeding their two week old daughter. He dumped half the bottle on the floor, the carpet, and the couch. That would be a nightmare to clean up. My sister said she’d take drawings on the wall any day over the soap mess. I would too.

Our “quarantine” is supposed to last another two weeks. The governor extended it this morning. I’m on the fence about it. But what can you do?

Hopefully tomorrow I get to all the kids schoolwork and there are no phone calls.