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The Chosen Makes You Think

So this past week I finally sat down and watched The Chosen. My husband and I and some of our kids watched it over the course of a few days. It has been awhile since we had a series to watch together. Again, I have pretty high standards. I don’t tolerate much swearing and immorality even though the story “is so good”.

I’d seen this series advertised and I didn’t give it really a second thought. Then I saw a gal I follow on Instagram saying she finally gave it a good try and got hooked and binge watched it multiple times. Okay I thought, I’ll give it a shot. I downloaded the app and started to watch it. I got maybe halfway through the first episode and I was hooked.

It was so good!

Do I think that it is 100% accurate? No. But what I do think is that it is good.

For I remember the word of God which saith by their works ye shall know them; for if their works be good, then they are good also.

Moroni 7:5

I was praying and wondering if it was a good thing and the answer I got was “If it brings you to Christ it is a good thing.” Good enough for me.

I am excited for Season 2. The first one made me cry, made me laugh, and made me feel more of a longing to have more of a relationship with my Savior. He is my elder brother. The Chosen I don’t think took away from the deity of Christ, but rather showed him in more of a 3D perspective. It reminded me that He knows me and loves me and understands what it is like to go through mortality.

So this weekend if you have some time and even if you think you don’t, you should give the show a chance.

Daily Life

There is Peace

I don’t think I wrote about this so I will try again.

I had been struggling. I could see myself getting off track. Nothing major but I could feel myself distancing myself from God. I don’t know why exactly. I was being a stubborn and petulant child. I wasn’t enjoying the feeling of it either but my stubborn pride would not let me fix it. I told myself “not now, I’m not ready” which is a very sad mindset. But just like when my children are upset and refuse to be comforted I patiently wait until they are ready. I am sure that my Heavenly Father does the same. How hard it must be for Him to patiently wait for so many of His children who refuse to be comforted to finally- hopefully- come to Him.

I finally am coming back around. It has been four months since we’ve been to church. Church makes it easy. You just show up and share the job of teaching each other. Sometimes you just show up and learn. But at home it is all on me and Alex to teach our children. We made it a priority to have church at home every single Sunday. It is work. It is good work, but it is work. There is no one to carry you along. No one to make sure you do it. It is all on you. It has been an opportunity to see what our priorities are and are we willing to follow Christ when no one else will see it?

Like I said, I was getting off track. I didn’t feel the spirit like I needed to because I wasn’t doing what I needed to. I started doing what I needed to. I started praying more and with more thought and sincerity. I started to study the scriptures more earnestly. I started listening to more uplifting podcasts and religious material. I got back on track and it will be a daily effort to stay there.

In the scriptures Christ commands us to pray always that we will not be tempted. He didn’t say it because it sounded like a good thing to say. He said it because it is imperative. As I follow the news daily I am astonished at how much we need the Gospel of Christ. It really is the only true anchor we have in a world of shifting values and daily changing opinions and “truth”.

It might have been easy to just float along as a Christian up until a few months ago but it feels like we are being sifted now. Where do you stand now? Are you firmly rooted in Christ or are you wish-washy, still trying to grasp the world? It has been interesting to watch these days unfold. It was prophesied that in the last days before Christ would return that men would call good evil and evil good. I never understood how it could be possible really until now. To me it feels like time is running out. Chaos seems to multiply daily and it is time to choose a side. As it says in the scriptures, “Choose you this day whom you will serve.”

I hope that things are going well for any who read this. I hope there is peace in your life. This song is so beautiful and if you have a minute or two to listen to it I highly recommend you do so.

Have a great day!


Pie Week Day 2

The other day Elizabeth and Noah were wearing monochromatic clothes and Noah’s shirt was gray camo. I told them I couldn’t see them so they pretended to be invisible. I called Alex on his way home from work and the kids kept saying that he couldn’t see them. They got too loud so I said I would see him when he got home. Elizabeth then said, in a mischievous voice, “But you won’t see us.” Oh my goodness that girl. We laughed so hard at that.

Over the weekend we stopped in and checked out a new store that just opened. It was a restaurant supply warehouse. It was like Disneyland for me. I’m weird. I wanted one of everything. And the prices were good. One thing I’ve been looking for (a 5 lb brick of caramel) is at least $30 everywhere I’ve found it. It was $20 at that store. I didn’t buy it, I’m going to try my hand at making the caramel from scratch but if all else fails I know where to go. They even had stacks of Chinese take out boxes. I wanted them all for fun.

Today the kids were off school. Last night I told them all I wanted to sleep in. My kids are sleepers. I never ever had to deal with an early riser. It has been so nice. This morning the babies woke up at 6. NOOO! Then Alex woke Lauren up and she ended up waking Elizabeth up. Luckily I got the baby back to sleep 30 minutes later and Noah fell asleep downstairs watching tv. Elizabeth, my sleeping beauty, is not used to early hours and she fell asleep and missed dinner, pie, and Monopoly. She came stumbling upstairs at 9 p.m. I don’t care if she isn’t tired, I am going to bed.

Tonight we turned off the television and played Monopoly for Family Home Evening. Most of us played. It was a fun couple hours. The kids had never played but they did awesome. They were all doing well at counting and math that is involved. I won. By a lot. I kind of felt bad but that is the way it goes. I even let all the kids roll the dice for me since I was holding a sleeping baby half the time. So technically they won.

I made two pies today. I decided we really don’t need two pies per day. Too much sugar. I made a key lime pie that we ate after dinner and then had a pecan pie in the oven while we played. That was kind of torture. I make my pie with real maple syrup instead of corn syrup and it is so much better that way. No throat burn that you get with corn syrup. And the maple and pecans together are amazing. Sorry no picture of the key lime pie. I didn’t think about it until it was gone. Well, I did get one…

I think it is safe to say that he liked it.

Back before Alex and I were married I made a pecan pie for his birthday. For some reason it never set up. It was pecans and syrup. It tasted okay but the texture was all wrong. He’s never let me forget it but I’ve never repeated that mistake.

This morning I left Michael to babysit and I went to Walmart all by myself. I managed to get all the stuff for all the birthdays and cakes and pies and on and on and on. It is ridiculous. I don’t think we’ll run out of streamers for the next 5 years.

It is supposed to snow this week. My parents’ and siblings houses got snow today in Utah but ours should come on Wednesday. Since it is probably going to stick around this time for the rest of the winter I had the boys help me get the outside stuff all put away. Bikes covered, leaves cleaned up, wood moved to the wood pile, fencing and hoses put away, swamp cooler covered, etc. I think we are ready this year.

This morning I also decided that I really needed to get back with reading my scriptures. I haven’t been as into it as I had been the past year. The past couple sections just felt overwhelming, doctrine wise, and I was struggling to get myself to concentrate. So this morning I just bit the bullet and read a couple chapters in 1 Peter. Then I decided I needed to read some in the Book of Mormon. Can I tell you how much I have missed that feeling– the comforting feeling that the Spirit brings? The Bible is amazing and the Book of Mormon is no less. I’m reading about Abinadi when he is teaching King Noah. There is so much to learn about our Savior’s sacrifice.

I also listened to a bunch of podcasts today. So good. Especially this one. I listened to it while I shopped at Walmart and I was struggling not to cry.

Alright, I have kids that won’t go to bed with me up. Until tomorrow.


Growing pains

Yesterday I made a shocking discovery. Ok, it wasn’t shocking but I wasn’t expecting it. Michael, my 14 year old, has always been shorter than me. He’s a kid. Yesterday I was talking to him and realized I was looking him straight in the eyes. I asked if he was taller than me. I am 5’8″. I asked Lauren to take a picture of us back to back. He is barely taller than me. What? I hit my height at his age but he is still growing so we’ll see how he ends up being. Now I know why he has been eating and sleeping so much lately. Last month he was a good 3 inches shorter than me.

Today in church we were talking about the book of Hebrews. I learned so much. Alex usually goes to the Sunday school class in Spanish but I asked if he would come in with me today and he did. He had so many good comments.

Hebrews 2:9 But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of  death, crowned with glory and honour; that he by the grace of God should taste death for every man.

Christ was made lower than the angels. He has been down to our level. He isn’t some God who we feel couldn’t possibly relate to us. He knows what it is like. He lived on earth, had a family, worked, lived, learned, had friends, was tempted. He lived his whole life and gave his whole life for us. He understands what we have been through because he has had experiences like us. His suffering and atonement is what makes him able to understand everything we have felt. He never made mistakes and yet was willing to pay for ours. It really is amazing and something to be so grateful for. I am sure I didn’t say any of that right. It is a hard thing sometimes to put those kind of thoughts into words.

Later in the day we watched a broadcast giving more information on the new Children and Youth.  I love the changes from the old programs. I love how they youth can personalize it for their lives. They can decide what they want to improve in and set goals for things that they want to do that can help them progress in life but to also grow closer to Christ and to be good people. I love that the church is so invested in helping the youth to be happy, make good choices and be more Christlike. I’m excited to help my kids make goals and work with them on it if they want. I told Alex that we should set the example by making and setting goals ourselves.

After it was over I told the kids they had to stay downstairs while Alex and I made dinner. They were all so loud and so rambunctious and my nerves were shot. I had just had enough of all the noise and movement and crying from the little kids. It was enough of a break so I could handle them the rest of the night.

After dinner tonight we finally got down to practicing the song we are going to sing in church. We had to decide how we were going to sing it, assign parts, see who could sing in what range. Michael is definitely a bass. We have Edgar who we thought was a bass now singing tenor. I am hoping we don’t get stage fright and that we don’t embarrass ourselves. We’ve decided to sing Away in a Manger. Half in English and half in Spanish. We have three weeks. It should be alright. I hope.

So Evangeline is getting around a bit more and tonight discovered the bookshelf. We made her put them back. She’ll still do it again. But the kids have done well at keeping the basement picked up. They said they do it so we can do fun stuff on Saturday. Well, finally they get it.

Oh, so Noah was brought to me in Sunday school because he had to go to the bathroom. He is so funny. We got into the bathroom and he said, “So after I go I can go back to nursery?” Yes, I told him. We got back to nursery and opened the door and he ran in loudly declaring, “I’m back!” and dashed to the toys he had left. It was so cute! I am glad I got to hear that.